BOTANIST release “Disturbance”

Experimental Avant-garde Black Metal band BOTANIST have released their song “Disturbance” via Metal Injection. The song is taken from their upcoming release “Ecosystem” which will be out on October 25th.

Listen to the song here:

Botanist is a highly creative Experimental Avant-garde Black Metal band — or, in their perspective, Green Metal. At times eerie and ghostly, almost mystical, the sound is harsh, but it’s still gorgeous and almost delicate, haunting, atmospheric and soothing. This brand new album is a concept about the ecosystems of redwood forests on the West Coast of the United States. Ecosystem deals with mankind’s impact on those forests, particularly calling into question whether humanity has an operating ‘ecosystem’ of its own. This album is a ‘collective’ one in that it was written and recorded by the members of Botanist’s live entity.

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