SURFACE – first track-by-track trailer released

German death metal band SURFACE will release their upcoming third studio album »River of Souls« on October 4th, 2019 via Reaper Entertainment Europe.

Today, the band presents the first track-by-track trailer of this upcoming album.
Check it and find out more about the songs “River Of Souls”, “Ode to the Sun” and “Feed The Fires Of Rome”

Last week, the band released the music video of the second single “Ovoviviparus Serpentes”.
The video was shot in summer 2019 in the “Theodor Noise Club” in Achern under the direction of Malte Bratz.

Check it out here:

The band states:
Ovoviviparus Serpentes is a brutal Death Metal song combined with fast thrash riffs and therefore pretty much SURFACE. The song is about creatures born in the morass between snakes and worms, rising from there. The music video was produced in cooperation with Malte Bartz of Ewafilms, for which we are very grateful! Malte and his team pushed us forward and created something very great with the material! We are very happy and proud to present the new video to you!”

The digital single is available on all streaming and download platforms now.

‘River Of Souls’ (LYRIC VIDEO):
Album Trailer #1:
Album Trailer #2:
Album Trailer #3:

Pre-Order “River Of Souls” here:

“River Of Souls” tracklist:
1. Είστε ηλίθιος χοίρος
2. River Of Souls
3. Ode To The Sun
4. Feed The Fires Of Rome
5. Thanatophilus
6. Ovoviviparus Serpentes
7. Kosmologica
8. Hera
9. Replace The Immortals
10. Olympus Has Fallen

More Info coming soon – stay tuned.

Don’t miss SURFACE on tour in fall 2019:

*04.10.2019 – DE – Lübeck – Riders Café
*05.10.2019 – DE – Rostock – Alte Zuckerfabrik
*11.10.2019 – DE – Aalen – Rock It
*12.10.2019 – DE – Mannheim – New Evil Music Festival
19.10.2019 – DE – Unleash The Kraken Festival – Juki 42/Ahrensburg
*15.11.2019 – DE – Gadenstedt – Black Hand Inn
*16.11.2019 – DE – Cham – L.A.
*22.11.2019 – DE – München – Backstage
*29.11.2019 – DE – Nürnberg – Der Cult
*30.11.2019 – DE – Radolfzell – Bokle 
*20.12.2019 – DE – Berlin – Nuke Club 
*21.12.2019 – DE – Leipzig – Hellraiser 
*22.12.2019 – DE – Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
* = Blutfest Tour supporting Eisregen, Debauchery, Balgeroth 

11-13.6.2020 – DE – Metal Frenzy Open Air

More about SURFACE:
Surface was founded in the beginning 2010 by Tom Robinson and Marco Bechreiner, inspired by Greek mythology and driven by sheer energy and force. Shortly after forming Surface, Timo Petersen and Jason Coffi joined. And thus began their journey towards conquering the stages which was accompanied by a change of members. Timo left the band and was replaced in 2015 by Tim Broscheit on bass. After the departure of Jason in late 2017, Johnny Ritter joined as the new lead guitar. Their stil characterized by Thrash and Death Metal paired with Hardcore and Modern Metal. In 2012 Surface releaser their debut album “Where The Gods Devide” and in 2015 came “Riese Of Kronos”. During that period Surface played more than 150 shows, sharing a stage with bands in the likes of Kreator, Megadeth, Powerwolf, Hämatom and many more, on events such as open air festivals, local and nationwide shows.

SURFACE online:

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