Death metal horde BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION reveals cover art for upcoming EP “Festering Plagues”, in tape format

Listen to Premiere track “Grief” at No Clean Singing site

After a very successful demo tape “Abominable Premonition”, the Germanic duo Blasphemous Putrefaction is back with a new heresy, truly inspired in deathlike atmospheres and obscured death metal.

“Festering Plagues” evokes three abysmal hymns, with black vibes and primitive – yet noxious performance. 

Cassette strictly limited to 100 copies, 50 in red shield and 50 in black shield, includes woven patch and pin. Limited edition to 100 copies (50 red, 50 black) + Woven Patch + Pin

A cult for underground death metal followers!

Their devotion to rotten metal of death is unquestioned, and their skill in presenting it is obvious. If you’re in the mood for truly disgusting and fearsome death metal, you’ve come to the right place.” No Clean Singing

DIPR-010 / MEP – 12 – BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION “Festering Plagues” EP

Release date: October
Genre: Primitive Rotten Death Metal
Country: Germany
Format: Tape
Line up on this recording: Tar Morion – Drums/ Satanic Death Vulva – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Recorded by Tar Morion 
Mixed by Deathroned Production 
Artwork by Grasenstyle Blood Artworks


Founded in July 2017 by Satanic Death Vulva (Goatblood, Genocide) and Tar Morion (Genocide, Decibel Rebels) with the intention to start a death metal project which is just raw, aggressive and primitive. After 5 months the first demo “Abominable Premonition” was released by Dunkelheit Produktionen in cassette format, and got a lot of positive reviews, and after one year it was sold out.


Tar Morion – Drums
Satanic Death Vulva – (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)


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Death metal horde BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION announced upcoming EP “Festering Plagues”, in cassette format


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