Finnish melancholic metalists VORNA reveal moving new music video!

See the brand new fantastic and moving new music video for ‘Tyhjyys on tyyni’ (transl. The Void is Serene) from the on Friday to be released new Vorna​ album “Sateet palata saavat” here!

Singer Vesa Salovaara about the lyrics:
“Tyhjyys on tyyni” (transl. The Void is Serene) is about how people feel the need to escape the unpleasant reality in many ways and how they rationalize this need to themselves. In the end, you can’t escape reality and someday you will get what’s coming for you.”

Guitar player/ video director Arttu Järvisalo says about the video:
“Last spring the idea for the video emerged from the song lyrics and their escapism-theme, which seemed to me as a strong choice in visual terms and which I, at the time, felt very connected to personally. Guilt, being an essential part of the lyrics, became one of the core aspects of the video as well. All this is presented as a dark and somber story with afterlife mysticism.”

Credits for the video:

Niko Udd
Sonja Halla-aho

Director & Editor:
Arttu Järvisalo

Cinematographer & Colorist:
Valtteri Piira

Focus Puller:
Aleksi Tilli

Petri Anttonen / Angel Films
Stefan Lüdicke / Lifeforce Records
Iiro Laitinen
Hannu Järvisalo
Henri Lammintausta
Vesa Salovaara
Mikael Vanninen

Clichés almost always have a true core. That artists from the (European) Far North tend to melancholy is one thing that has already been confirmed many times. VORNA is no different. The band from Tampere has been in existence since 2008, and still is today in its original line-up. The six-piece group is well-rehearsed and has continuously developed its sound over the years. With pride and self-confidence the musicians grasp their playing as “Finnish melancholic metal”. This means songs with a dark mood and an emotional state-of-mind, which cause reactions from the developing atmosphere. The melancholy comes to bear on different levels, but without ever slipping into pessimistic gloom.

VORNA’s access to the heavy spectrum is broad and open-minded. The six musicians are guided by their emotions and transform them into dark tuned music. Starting from a base between Folk and Black Metal, the Finns have enriched their playing since 2008. The symphonic extension of the third album underlines the atmospheric and melodic composition of the songs. “Sateet palata saavat” means something like “Return to Rains”. In other words: something is brewing before the sky opens its floodgates and the power of nature discharges. This picture fits very well to what VORNA musically have to offer.

“Sateet palata saavat” develops to be tense and intense. VORNA’s vocals, left in Finnish, don’t compromise the access to VORNA’s “Finnish melancholic metal”. The underlying emotions can be empathized and create an interaction with the listener right from the beginning. The organic songwriting of VORNA underlines the down-to-earth approach, the Finns are following. Partially, however, “Sateet palata saavat” sounds uncanny and creepy.

VORNA “Sateet palata saavat” – out September 27th, 2019!

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