NEUROTIC MACHINERY are recording a new album to be released beginning 2020

Czech progressive death metallers NEUROTIC MACHINERY have started recording tracks for their new, fifth studio album. The yet unnamed successor to critically acclaimed „Cognitive Dissonance“ (2017) is to be released in February 2020.

NEUROTIC MACHINERY was established in 2006 as a death metal act. However the musicians quickly discovered the passion for exploring new areas of music. Their EP „Exi(s)t“ (2012) thus marks the beginning a significant shift in their production. Various experimental elements were getting more and more apparent since then. This is clearly evidenced by the latest albums „Causality Principle“ (2015) and „Cognitive Dissonance“ (2017) which both feature remarkable progressive, modern and sometimes even post-metal touches. As a result the label progressive death metal is now more than fitting for the current sound of the band.

Having said that it comes as no surprise that NEURORTIC MACHINERY are ready to venture into new areas once more. The guitarist and mainman Michal Šedivý says: „Our current production is significantly different to anything we’ve ever done before. It is heavier and full of anger, aggression and darkness, all spiced with our „neurotic“ approach, which guarantees a strong emphasis on technical aspects of the music.“

Take it for granted that the new album will also provide the listeners with notable load of energy. One of the main reasons for that is the addition of the second lead vocalist, Jan Pilík, who joined the band as a full time member in September 2018. Together with the former singer Ondra Uhlir, they form a solid tandem which will make you headbanging from the beginning till the end of the album.

Finally, let us invite you to the rehersal room of NEUROTIC MACHINERY where you can get a first glimpse of the new album. We hope you will enjoy the band’s „Neurotic vision of death metal“. And if you will, then stay informed and follow the band’s Facebook (and other profiles as well). And most importantly… stay Neurotic! 🙂


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