Byzanthian Neckbeard are now streaming the entirety of their new EP Extinction via Doomed and Stoned. The EP is set to be released this Friday.

Listen to the EP here:

Some bands quite simply embody their name in every shape and form, and when it comes to Byzanthian Neckbeard… you get the picture quickly. Riff-laden doom is on offer on this follow-up EP, after their début From the Clutches of Oblivion took them out of their native Guernesy and straight onto the New Blood Stage at UK’s Bloodstock Festival.

Extinction takes a while to limber up, but once “Coffin Bomb” gets into the swing of things, the trio put on a no-punches-pulled performance across each of the three tracks. Phil Skyrme’s guttural vocals match up to the rough-and-fuzzy riffing, matched perfectly to Dan Robilliard’s muscular bass playing and Paul Etasse’s precise and groove-driven drumming. “Extinction” takes us out with a seven-minute stomper.

Thus the EP ends, ready to be looped again until more material emerges from the island-bound miscreants who go by the name of Byzanthian Neckbeard.

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