DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS reveal first track from new LAMECH / AMOR FATI album – includes HETROERTZEN member

Today, horror metallers Die Kunst der Finsternis reveal the new track “Madame Tuberculosis.” The track is the first to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated third album, Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum),  set for international release on October 31st via Lamech Records in conspiracy with Amor Fati Productions. Vampiric in singleminded intent, draped in black shining leather, here does Die Kunst der Finsternis continue its inexorable ascent, its glorious rebirth into more muscular and dynamic directions. Forever a forgotten soul lost in space and time, Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum) is experimentation and expressionism writ large, dark poetry of the night rendered in its most robust form. Hear Die Kunst der Finsternis‘ “Madame Tuberculosis” in its entirety both HERE and HERE at Lamech‘s respective YouTube and Soundcloud channels.

Die Kunst der Finsternis was formed as a solo project in the beginning of 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden with Deacon D. (AKA Schattenriss) as the sick mind behind it; the man has a prolific recording history, within the well-respected Hetroertzen and without. The first demo under the Die Kunst der Finsternis banner, tellingly titled Alter Schwarz Metall, was recorded at home during March 2007, in Stockholm, Sweden and given away as a gift exclusively to close friends and peers. A couple of years later, the Swedish occult label SDP distributed a limited stock of 66 handmade CDs of the demo.

In 2010, Deacon D. creates the songs and lyrics for the first Die Kunst der Finsternis full-length, henceforth called Das Geheimnis des Vampirs, with nine tracks of dark and sickening Metal of Death with gothic horror parts as interludes, which also includes the re-recorded songs from the demo. The obsession with death and the horrors of the crypt literally takes Die Kunst der Finsternis to the grave and keep it buried (but not forgotten) for the coming years.

In 2017, an exhumation is performed and new life is blown into the old rotten body of Die Kunst der Finsternis, somehow bringing it “back to life” and giving it the breath to create all the pieces for the Queen of Owls album. An Addendum of Queen of Owls is added later on, putting another gravestone in the cemetery of the odd arts. The band’s third full-length, it bears the title Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum) and once again, louder and more powerfully than ever, proclaims that Die Kunst Der Finsternis performs Horror Metal exclusively!

In the meantime, hear the new track “Madame Tuberculosis” both HERE at LamechRecords‘ official YouTube channel as well as HERE at Lamech‘s Soundcloud. Cover art, courtesy of Deacon D., and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Die Kunst der Finsternis’
Revenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)

1. Carnival of the Undead
2. Grotesque
3. Madame Tuberculosis
4. Raised from Decay
5. Chasing Bleached Memories
6. The End of Time – Miseria
7. Exhumation
8. Neophobic Delirium
9. Vampirismus


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