SUIDAKRA – “Echoes of Yore” will be released on November 15th! Bonus video and vinyl edition!

On November 15th the anniversary album “Echoes Of Yore” of the German Celtic Metal flagship Suidakra will be released on MDD. All 10 included songs from the band’s history, which were newly recorded for this occasion, were selected by the fans as part of a Kickstarter project!  Of course Kris Verwimp, who is also the creative head behind the lyrical direction of the band, is responsible for the artwork again. “Echoes Of Yore” is released not only as the regular JewelCase but also on vinyl with a large 2-side folding cover and additionally as a DigiPack Edition, which contains the regular album as well as a bonus data carrier, on which the 45 minute live show of this year’s Wacken Open Air is included as a full HD file.

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