CREST OF DARKNESS – “The God Of Flesh” release date postponed to December 6th

The release date of “The God Of Flesh”, the new CREST OF DARKNESS album, has been postponed to December 6th.

“The God Of Flesh” is nine tracks filled with CREST OF DARKNESS’ trademark Satanic themes. But this time the band has expanded the feel, variety and depth of their music, showing them to be as much at home with more progressive and melodic elements, as they are with the aggressive and dark, brutal side, for which they are known.

“This is probably the darkest and most brutal album we’ve ever made! It’s also the most honest work ever from my perspective”. So says CREST OF DARKNESS founder Ingar Amlien about “The God Of Flesh”, the ninth full-length album from the Norwegian Black Metal veterans.

“The God Of Flesh” will be available in digipakCD, Deluxe Edition, Vinyl and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order from

Cover art was realised by Marius Engli Andersson while track listing is as follows:
1. The God Of Flesh – 2. The Child With No Head – 3. Endless Night – 4. The Spawn Of Seth – 5. Forgotten – 6. Euthanasia – 7. Blood – 8. Godless Evil Eyes – 9. Salvation In Hell

More information:

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