NACTHTIG set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut, reveal first track

Purity ThroughFire sets October 31st as the international release date for Nachtig‘s striking self-titled debut album on regular jewelcase CD and A5 digipack limited to 100 copies. Cassette tape version to be released by Worship Tapes.

A relatively new entity, Nachtig formed in 2017 as the solo work of V. V., who also numbers the bands Cosmic Burial and Valosta Varjoon among his activities. Under the Nachtig banner, he released a pair of demos in 2018, both through the cult Worship Tapes label. Now, he’s prepared to unleash a staggering full-length monolith appropriately titled Nachtig.

In many ways, Nachtig‘s self-titled debut sounds much like its cover art looks: hauntingly spectral, hazily vast, yet impossibly alluring. Indeed, it is utterly and totally BLACK METAL – no more, but certainly no less – and crucially, an unselfconsciously Germanic iteration of it, much as labelmates Valosta Varjoon are adept at thus far. However, under this Nachtig banner, V. V. poignantly indulges his most melancholic side, and the six epic songs comprising this 56-minute first album surely draw the listener in to their shimmering obsidian pool of nocturnal delights.

Hypnotic but never overly repetitious, Nachtig weaves a most magnificent spell, with achingly sad riffing and (quite often) soul-penetrating piano at the fore. But, not once during that hefty duration does the album suffer any of the usual cliches of DSBM. In fact, Nachtig stridently DOES NOT belong to that idiom; again, this creation is purely and proudly BLACK METAL, breathing the same breath as the ancients.

A new pool of radiance has presented itself, and it bears the title Nachtig. When night falls, follow Nachtig! Take the first step into that pool with the new track “Der Tag Bricht An…” HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Nachtig’s Nachtig
1. Der Tag Bricht An… [8:12]
2. Der Kreis Des Sterbens [7:55]
3. Die Waldhexe [10:16]
4. Der Todestanz [9:42]
5. Mein Grab [11:03]
6. Der Letzte Weg [8:19]


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