SINGULARITY – Tech-Death/Black Metal Unit Launch Full Stream of Place of Chains At Metal Injection

Tempe, Arizona-based technical death metal/symphonic black metal hybrid act Singularity are finally on the cusp of releasing their second full-length, Place of Chains, this Friday, October 11th via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s highly praised 2016 EP, Void Walker, which was preceded by their 2014 self-titled album that put the band on the map. 

Since their formation in 2010, Singularity has continually shown themselves to be a forward-thinking act, one with a bold vision built on fusing technical death metal and symphonic black metal together in a myriad of ways. Bombastic and brutal, Place of Chains exists as a unique crossover between worlds, in doing so, Singularity has delivered a powerful album that will surely be ranked among as one of 2019’s best death metal releases. Further enhancing the quality of Place of Chains is a bevy of high profile guest spots from Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh adding further orchestration throughout the album, a song co-written by Equipoise guitarist Nick Padovani plus a guest solo, as well as guest vocals from Arkaik vocalist Jared Christianson and Animus Complex vocalist Jeremy Davis.

The band states that Place of Chains will strongly appeal to fans of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vale of Pnath, Old Man’s Child, Dimmu Borgir, and the first album from Irreversible Mechanism.

Today the band partnered with Metal Injection to launch the albums early stream. Ahead of the official release of Place of Chains this Friday via The Artisan Era.

You can listen to Singularity – Place of Chains in full HERE

Here’s what critics are saying so far about Places of Chains

“..Place of Chains qualifies Singularity as one of my favorite up-and-coming bands in symphonic technical death metal. Many newcomers in the genre fail to ensnare me for any respectable amount of time, but I immediately gravitated towards this celestial body upon hearing their debut all those years ago. With Place of ChainsSingularity grows more powerful, and all hope of breaking free of their event horizon is lost.”
-Angry Metal Guy

“Much of Singularity’s approach is rooted primarily in tech-death, of course, especially in the guttural and staccato texture of the band’s vocals and percussion, the latter of which is provided by Nathan Bigelow of tech-death stalwarts Arkaik.

In a welcome fusion, however, black metal tonalities and harmonic inflections are woven between these sharpened bursts of technicality, with the dense synthesizer acrobatics of late keyboardist Nick Pompliano providing the groundwork for the record’s symphonic splendor.” -Invisible Oranges

Place of Chains is another high energy headbanger. Ripping melodic guitar hooks and a dense atmosphere of classical orchestration take us through worlds of intergalactic enslavement. The vocals feature both brutal lows and blackened highs that, in combination with the aforementioned symphonic elements, draw comparisons to the likes of Shadow Of Intent and Vale Of Pnath.” -Metal Trenches

“The Artisan Era is really starting to come into its own as a label, and is starting to hone in on a pretty specific sound. With bands like Inferi, Equipoise, Warforged, The Odious Construct, Arkaik, Aethereus, Oubliette, Flub, Enfold Darkness, Mordant Rapture and The Zenith Passage, the label certainly has some of the better technical death/black metal bands out there, and its clear the label likes all things symphonic as well. Enter Arizona’s Singularity who are a perfect fit on the label, and pretty much exemplify the label’s current sound.” -Teeth of The Divine

“…there’s something different about what Singularity are doing here. Their mixture of black metal, symphonic elements, and impeccable precision make for an adventurous journey for the listener. “
-Everything Is Noise

“Overall, the album is a perfect example of why blackened technical death metal is becoming many people’s favorite genre. It incorporates two very different genres and puts them together like one big cake. There are layers to everything: the blast-beating drums, the slow ambiance of the violent strumming of the strings, the chill-down-your-spine dissonance influenced by the synths, and the evil screams of the singers all come together to create music that sends the listener down a spiral of cinematic imagination.”
-New Transcendence

Singularity – Place of Chains pre-orders are now live

Singularity – Place of Chains Tracklist
1. Bellum
2. Victory or Death
3. Sisyphean Cycle
4. Ritual of Regret
5. Consume and Assume
6. Desmoterion
7. Serpentes, Eternal
8. Dead Receptors
9. As Dark As This Nefarious Night

Singularity – Place of Chains Line-up
Jack Fliegler – Guitar, Vocals (ToxicxEternity, ex-Hemoptysis) 
Adam King – Bass, Vocals ( Depraved Heretic, ex-live for Arkaik)
Nick Pompliano (RIP) – Keyboards 
Nathan Bigelow – Drums (Arkaik, ex-Alterbeast, Solar Impulse)

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SINGULARITY – Tech-Death/Symphonic Black Metal Unit To Release Place of Chains on October 11th via The Artisan Era


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