“The Beginning Of The End”, NEMESIS’s debut will be released through Necromace Records Digital next 28.10.2019

NEMESIS will release through Necromance Records digital their debut that will be titled “The Beginning Of The End” next 28.10.2019. 

After many years trying to start a band together, Jorge Santos and Luis Martínez finally decided to step forward in the fall of 2016 summer. They put in contact with a local drummer that they met, Johnny, and the rehearsals started with the first compositions trying to get an own sound and accomplish the members.
After some months looking for a band moniker, they decided for NÉMESIS, as they see it as easy to remember and a short word, with a powerful meaning. Christopher Horst is the artist that designed and draws the logo. This time is also busy for the band as they were looking for a bass player to complete the lineup, after a bad experience with a musician, an old good friend Manuel González joined the band (Manuel was an ex member of CATATONIA Jorge and Luis’ 90´s band).
After some months to grease the gear, the band was ready to enter DEMIGOD RECORDING STUDIOS with engineer, producer Miguel Tereso, to record their first effort, three songs of Old School Death Thrash Metal, with groove and catchy riffing but very powerful and killer organic sound, that every Old School listener will be satisfied.
In the late of summer 2019, the band and Johnny decided to part ways in friendly terms, wishing him the best and starting looking for a new drummer.
The band contacted with Juanjo Castellano (VOMITORY, UNLEASHED, SOLOTHUS, AVULSED, PAGANIZER, THE BLACK DALHIA MURDER…) to join forces for their first release, and he illustrated the cover for “The Beginning of the End” EP.
The band decided to do a digital release with NECROMANCE RECORDS, which will put the EP in the main digital platforms all over the world, but sure in a near future will be a physical edition of the EP, that will be announced soon.

We want to present you the cover art for this recording and tracklist for “The Beginning Of The End” is as follows: 

1. The Toy Box
2. The Beginning Of The End
3. To The Limit Of Incomprehension

“The Beginning Of The End” will be available next 28.10.2019 through mainly streaming platforms and now, we want to show you the promo video for “The Toy Box”, first track of this Digital EP.  You can visit NEMESIS at:

BANDCAMP: https://nemesisbandga.bandcamp.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Némesis-Band-2123875187885382/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/_nemesisband/

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