ACROLYSIS – Release Debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade & Video One Trick Pony

Sydney’s Acrolysis release their debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade – a politically charged, heavy metal dream. Acrolysisare blending 80s thrash and 90s alternative, creating a five-track collection of raw power filled with punchy riffs, blistering solos and thought-provoking lyrics. The thirty-minute juggernaut is an unapologetically aggressive piece of music, tapping into the current zeitgeist and revealing the disparity of society one layer at a time.

Formed in 2017, Acrolysis are tackling the disparities and realities of society by discussing and analyzing the institutions that have inflicted their influence over our existence. Bearing the flag of bands and artists prior like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and Rage Against the Machine, Acrolysis call out the flaws of institutions and government through their poetic imagery, tongue and cheek quips and direct lyrical writing. With an aggressive and unapologetically powerful sound, Acrolysis are here to be the loud voice that the world always needs.

Acrolysis are:
Konstantine Ana – Vocals & Guitar
Amit Bamay – Drums
Mytal Baba – Bass

Acrolysis debut EP Black Dog’s Serenadeis now available for download on their Bandcamp page.


1. I Should Have Known
2. One Trick Pony
3. Where Has Your God Gone Now?
4. Shadows of Gold
5. Fifty Four

Recorded June 2018 – September 2018
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Clarke
Artwork design by

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