ESCHATON Premiere “Wake of the Ophidian” Video

New England based apocalyptic death metal group ESCHATON have premiered a video for their song “Wake of the Ophidian”. The track was originally featured on the band’s independent EP and was re-worked for their newest album Death Obsession, which came out on Unique Leader earlier this year. 

The album – which features drummer Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh, Goratory, ex-Arsis) – blends new material with revitalized tracks from their independently released EP, Wake of the Ophidian. Re-tracked guitars, new mix & master, and a few added surprises give the tracks a completely refreshed sound. It is also the first time the band has tried its hand at covers, which see ESCHATON transforming two tracks from NES game Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest into a medley of bone-crushing, nostalgic fun. The instrumental cover is arguably the heaviest rendition of 8-bit music ever made.

The band commented on the song, “Yielding savage brutality, anti-formulaic composition, shredding solos and blast beats from the pits of hell – Wake of the Ophidian is a track that represents Eschaton’s identity as a band. This was the title track from our independently released EP from our days before joining Unique Leader which we’ve refreshed for this record with a ferocious new solo. Channeling the underlying theme of the group, the lyrics tell the hard truth that death is coming for us all.”

Watch the video HERE


ESCHATON was founded when extreme metal enthusiasts, guitarists Joshua and Jared Berry, and vocalist Jason Viteri began writing in 2007 near Providence, Rhode Island. Their chemistry and dedication forged a uniquely aggressive stand-alone sound that would become the essence of the band in the years to come.

ESCHATON brought 5 tracks to the studio to record the ruthless, self-produced EP Wake of the Ophidian, which was engineered and recorded by Rob Gil in 2009.   Local shredder Mike Bell took up guitar duties as Jared had to move out of state.  The band was still looking for a drummer with the speed and creativity necessary to uphold and complement the band’s concepts.  Rob Gil recommend one drummer that might be crazy enough for the job… Darren Cesca (Pillory, Arsis, Goratory, Incinerate). Wake of the Ophidian was independently released in 2010. Musically, it is an appropriate and telling introduction of the band, one that wastes no time and pulls no punches.

Momentum diminished as guitarist Mike Bell parted with the band, putting Eschaton back on the hunt to complete the lineup. Undeterred, Joshua strove on and eventually moved to Darren’s House of Grind Studio in southern Connecticut, with the aim of developing the most visceral and unrelenting album possible. This set the tone for the sonic brutality that would become Eschaton’s first full length: Sentinel Apocalypse.

In 2014 the yet unreleased album caught the attention of Unique Leader Records, leading to a formidable partnership that will expose ESCHATON to metal fans worldwide.  Jared Berry has rejoined the fold, and with the addition of bassist Patrick Pattison, ESCHATON has reached full-strength once again. Although currently dispersed over 4 states, the band is committed to spreading the uncompromising and relentless sound of both Sentinel Apocalypse and Wake of the Ophidian while they work on their most murderous material to date.

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