MUR’s new album

Brutalism, the one of a kind debut album of the French band Mur is finally out!Listen to it now by clicking on the button bellow.

You can also order Mur’s merchandising on our webshop. A double LP (splatter) will also be available soon.

Brutalism. With a first album baptised in such a way, Mur (“Wall”) offers us the destructive power it promises although it doesn’t limit itself to a mere show of strength. Limits are in fact blasted without any hesitation by these six seasoned musicians (Mass Hysteria, Glorior Belli, Comity… ) who take us further, open new perspectives to black metal and hybridize new skins. LADLO is proud to go along with this boiling field of experimentation, which will push back more than one boundary. “

1. Sound of a Dead Skin
2. I am the Forest
3. Nenuphar
4. Die Kinder Tanzen Um Das Feuer Desjenigen, Der Das Licht Bringt
5. Third
6. My Ionic Self
7. Red Blessings Sea
8. I See Through Stones
9. Livity
10. You Make I Real
11. BWV721

Mur’s next gigs:
– 13th Decembre in Nantes: BLACK METAL NIGHT V
– 14th Decembre in Paris: LADLO IN PARIS

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