New song from MOONREICH

MOONREICH has been following its instinct and staying true to the same principle for more than ten years now: delivering a sincere and personal music. Diligent both on stage and in studio, the band needed one year and half only after the release of “Fugue”, its 4th album, to record the “Wormgod” EP, a blend of brand-new tracks hammered in Moonreich’s armoury and one Depeche Mode cover.
“Wormgod” will be released on November 22nd, 2019 ; preorder it here.

1. Wormgod
2. That Swinging Noose
3. They Burn Without Wings
4. To Crawl This World
5. Broken (Depeche Mode cover)

Words from the label manager, Gérald Milani:
MOONREICH is a special case in our roster. Weddir, the band’s mastermind, is a former member of our association. I know him since 2004 and our collaboration came naturally. I closely followed the band’s evolution when Weddir decided to change label and ask us to cooperate. The band’s new approach fitted with the artistic identity of the label – its progressive aspect, filled with post hardcore influences, killing and catchy riffs, a devastating energy… It all seems logical, as if it was meant to be. Once again a family business, based on trust…”
Moonreich is eager today more than ever to spread the flame of its passion, burning everything on its way, from turntables to concert venues.

Next shows:
24/10: Rouen, FR – Moonreich///Mortis Mutilati///NKRT @Bifröst live
25/10: Brussels, BE – Moonreich / Mortis Mutilati & Soul Dissolution at JH De Schakel
26/10: Lille, FR – Moonreich – Mortis Mutilati – Antilife, 26/10/19 at Le Midland
02/11: Saintes, FR – Hell’Oween Festival X
22/11: Niort, FR – Black Metal Night IV // Niort – Le Camji
14/12: Paris, FR – LADLO IN PARIS
15/02: Rennes, FR – Merrimack, Belenos, Moonreich + Guests à Rennes

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