French modern-metallers MAN’S SIN streamed debut full-length album ‘Garden Of Starvation’ // Out now for CD & Digital on all platforms!

As announced after about two years of hard-work, French modern-metallers Man’n Sin just officially released worldwide their debut full-length album called ‘Garden Of Starvation’ on CD & Digital through Bandcamp and all legal services (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon…).

In addition to this news, the band also shared the whole record for FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

Stream / Buy the album on Bandcamp

Founded in 2015 around the area of Rennes (France), Man’n Sin quickly found its own musical path between metal to thrash passing through hardcore, even progressive metal/rock.

Somewhere around (early) Machine Head, Pantera or Lamb Of God Man’n Sin began its musical journey on stage, playing dozens of gigs in Europe and overseas (Cuba) before to begin to write an first record.

In 2019, after about one year and half of jamming, writing, recording, Man’n Sin will release its debut full-length album : ‘Garden Of Starvation’.

For fans of Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Pantera…

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