Prophecy Productions – New and re-issued music by LOTUS THIEF and UNREQVITED

Out on January 10th, 2020

Lotus Thief:
A bloody story from ancient Greece, re-told for this day and age
Deluxe re-release of the band’s debut

Mosaic II
The harsh successor to post black metal classic Mosaic I
Debut re-release, black melancholy married with electronic opulence
Time Without End
Collaborative mini album with Norwegian artist Sylvaine

San Francisco avant-gardists Lotus Thief create visionary music that incorporates elements of doom and black metal as well as post rock. Transcendent in sound and substance, the band has released two acclaimed albums (Rervm in 2014, and their Prophecy debut Gramarye in 2016), that draw insight from ancient texts for present-day life. History is preserved and ignited, a sonic re-imagining for a world where the human race learns from its past.

With their third record OresteiaLotus Thief pushes their sound further than ever, focussing on both male and female singing, feral screams, melodic versus ferocious guitarwork and soaring violins. The result balances the atmospheric with the devastating.

In retelling the namesake epic trilogy from ancient Greece by tragedian Aeschylus, mastermind Bezaelith once again addresses distinctly modern topics, as the blood-drenched story of the mythical House of Atreus prompts several questions, ranging from the ethics of killing to gender roles.

Oresteia is an intentional narrative and boasts Lotus Thief‘s most sophisticated production so far. A five-headed hydra of distinct personalities and stylistic backgrounds contributes to the record’s depth and diversity like the masked actors in an ancient stage play.  It is no wonder that with its strong dynamics and ambient intersections, the tracks mirror an experience not unlike attending a performance in an amphitheater.

Add to this maybe the heaviest moments ever in Lotus Thief‘s oeuvre, their new full-length embodies the ingenuity and intensity of contemporary extreme music.

Oresteia is available as a Digipak CD, 2CD artbook with three bonus tracks and on vinyl (black, ltd. transparent red). Together with its release, Prophecy re-issues Lotus Thief‘s debut Rervm as a Digipak CD and 2CD artbook featuring two bonus tracks.

Please use this pre-sale link in all your media coverage:

Canadian post black metal experimentalist Unreqvited signs with Prophecy Productions, releases new album Mosaic II alongside re-print of Disquiet and split EP Time Without End with Sylvaine.

Born in Canada, Unreqvited has been a musical proving ground that defied categorization right away, thus being a perfect addition to our roster. With a highly acclaimed back catalog that was assembled only within the last few years, it is easy to imagine that this prodigious artist will get very far in the future. Two years after his 2016 debut Disquiet, which had married black melancholy with electronic opulence, both Stars Wept To The Sea and Mosaic I showed different tacks, delving into the cosmos and orchestra pit respectively.

Now in advance of the successor to these efforts, the man behind the music feels “enthralled to announce my partnership with Prophecy Productions for Unreqvited’s fourth full-length. I have spent a lifetime admiring the label’s artists and could not be more thankful for the opportunity to unveil the sequel to Mosaic I, which was an outlet for all of the joy, euphoria and passion I felt over the course of last year. Mosaic II contains the ire, misery and anxiety in between, making it my darkest, most daring release to date.”

While Unreqvited’s following continues to grow, his new record is likely to – once again – turn previous works on their heads …

On Time Without End, the Canadian picks up on previous inroads into orchestral realms yet implements more acoustic elements than ever before, whereas Sylvaine focuses on her vocals and highlights melodies, a clear step beyond her latest and third album Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone. Thus, Unreqvited sets his so-far lightest music against his most darkest, namely the simultaneously released album Mosaic II, and once again stresses his ever-mercurial quality.

The Norwegian follows her inspirations from “the struggle of human society and how it feels to watch as it slowly fall apart” with stripped-down arrangements for one track and lush layering on the other called ‘No More Solitude,’ which has existed in different versions for several years. Since Unreqvited‘s work is devoid of lyrical content in favor of shrieks and screams, the wordless singing featured by Sylvaine on his track ‘Interwoven’ eventually melds both their efforts together.

Mosaic II is available as Digipak CD, gatefold LP (black, ltd. purple) and 2CD artbook with bonus track and the complete Mosaic I album. Coinciding with its release, Prophecy re-issues Disquiet as Digipak CD and LP (black, ltd. silver), both including one so-far unreleased bonus track; split EP Time Without End also comes out as Digipak CD and LP (black, ltd. dark green).Please use this pre-sale link in all your media coverage:

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