WELLS VALLEY – Portuguese Avant-garde blackened sludge trio’s ‘Reconcile The Antinomy’ out today via Black Lion Records; streaming via Doomed & Stoned

Lisbon based Wells Valley’s all-consuming sound enthrallingly incorporates elements of black metal, doom, post/sludge metal, psychedelic rock and even avant-garde music.

The Portuguese trio unleashed their sophomore full length, Reconcile the Antinomy, today via Black Lion Records. Inspired by cosmology, hermeticism and theology, this 06-track album descents into a murky sphere, circled by an eerie atmosphere and monolithic heaviness. With this record, the avant-trio once again re-strengthen their own brand of sound, without bearing a resemblance to their peers.  

Wells Valley comments: “This six-piece ensemble is the grief of doom ambiance with outbursts of Black-metal malignancy and wrath. ‘Reconcile The Antinomy’ is a spectral torrent of overwhelming feelings and introspective relief.”

“Each of the six songs embody doom at its best, dense with atmosphere, a mood heightened by its spiteful outbursts of blinding anger,”
 writes Doomed & Stoned alongside debuting the album.

Hear Reconcile The Antinomy via Doomed & Stoned AT THIS LOCATION

Cover Art: Pedro Mau

Wells Valley will perform at Under The Doom 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal on December 07. 

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