SACRIFIZER premiere new track at “Deaf Forever” magazine’s website

French speed metal cult Sacrifizer premiere the new track “Grim Torment” at Deaf Forever magazine’s website. The track hails from the band’s debut mini-album, La Mort Triomphante, which is being released December 13th via Dying Victims Productions on vinyl LP format. Enhanced with the band’s 2018 demo and one new track, the infernal majesty of La Mort Triomphante has now been expanded into full-length format. Hear Sacrifizer‘s “Grim Torment” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Originally released earlier this year on limited-edition CD and cassette, La Mort Triomphante was Sacrifizer‘s glorious burst from the underground. At five furious tracks and atmosphere-setting intro, La Mort Triomphante sounds much like its cover looks: icy yet fiery, galloping forward like evil invaders with a violent restitution. Indeed, Sacrifizer are 100% cult speed metal sewn from ancient Canadian cloth, but other fibers from ’80s France and Germany also comprise their patchwork of salacious speed and bestial devastation. Grounded in the more traditional end of speed metal, the quintet keep their songwriting focused and straightforward, maximizing hooks and never forgetting the eternal magick of a good guitar solo; even the production itself on La Mort Triomphante is era-authentic but never smacks of cheap retro-posturing. The same could be said for their debut demo, Night of the Razors, which is here amended to this special LP version. A bit more berzerker and dripping with diabolism, Sacrifizer early on indeed exuded some Morsüre vibes. “Morbid Envenomation,” the brand-new track exclusive to this vinyl LP, ends off the record with the band in full-on epic and EVIL mode, pointing the way toward Sacrifizer‘s inevitable debut album, which is bound to be a modern classic…soon!

In the meantime, hear the Night of the Razors track “Grim Torment” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Deaf Forever, Germany’s defenders of the true. Also hear the La Mort Triomphante track “Blackfire Wytch” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Legacy, as well as the aforementioned “Morbid Envenomation” HERE, courtesy of Deaf Forever. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sacrifizer’s La Mort Triomphante
1. Winds of Transylvania (Intro)
2. The Grave of Nosferatu
3. By Fist, Leather and Steel
4. Blackfire Wytch
5. Massacrator (Midnight Ripping)
6. La mort triomphante
7. Night of the Razors
8. Grim Torment
9. Profane Forces
10. Morbid Envenomation


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