SUIDAKRA – publish „Morrigan“ video clip

On the occasion of their anniversary album “Echoes Of YoreSuidakra release a brand new video clip for the song “Morrigan“. The shooting took place last month in Hamburg under the direction of director and producer David Thehlen. The video, which deals with the Celtic goddess of war Morrigan, is together with “Balor” probably the darkest video in the band’s history. Singer and guitarist Arkadius Antonik is very enthusiastic: “Katinka Melancholia has created an incredibly good costume and mask for us and we had two actors for the story on set in addition to the band recordings. Jana has applied by our call at Facebook with us. We decided for her, because her charisma made her perfect for the role of Morrigan. Both actors mastered their performance fantastically!

Morrigan can now be watch on the MDD YouTube Channel! 

// Echoes Of Yore Editions //

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