AT NIGHT I FLY – new song “Gethsemane” is available for streaming, “Mirror Maze” album out on 6th December

Progressive metal band AT NIGHT I FLY premiere a brand new song called “Gethsemane” off their 9-track debut album “Mirror Maze” due to be released on Friday, 6th December via Nail Records, and will be available on CD and digital platforms. To help presenting the depth and complexity of the music itself the album will also be available in 96kHz/24bit hi-res format. 

The group emerged in 2012, formed by well-known musicians in the Hungarian metal scene and introduced themselves with a 4-track EP called “September Kills” that met critical acclaim. Earlier last month they teased the album the first song and lyric video, “Uriel”.

At Night I Fly – Gethsemane

The band commented the theme of the album and the songs:
“The songs on Mirror Maze are held together by the same concept. When someone’s born and get their lives started, they’re “pure”, and the goals in their lives are clear, but then they end up being among billions of other people where their way ahead become more like a mirror maze in an amusement park because of social media and telecommunication. They face numerous opportunities, temptations, crossroads and maybe they realize only years, decades later that these things made them go astray. Songs of the album show us pictures and examples of this mirror maze – imaginary and real ones, possible and strange ones, which are all affected in this matter: they begin their journey, they get lost, and who knows if they find their way out.

The previously released Uriel and the new song Gethsemane tell about such lives through two different examples, where they drifted far from the straight road and got lost in their own mirror mazes.”

The album can be pre-ordered from AT NIGHT I FLY’s Bandcamp page and on iTunes. After the release the band is planning to play many concerts in Hungary and abroad, finding their way through more and more halls of their Mirror Maze.

At Night I Fly – Uriel (Official lyric video)

Preorder “Mirror Maze” on Bandcamp:

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At Night I Fly: Mirror Maze
2019. 12. 06 // Nail Records // NAILCD308
01. Silent…02. Gethsemane03. The Pit
04. Afterlife
05. Shattered Mirror Bay
06. Uriel
07. Towards the Black Light
08. …Prayer09. Wanted to Be

Mirror Maze” is an anthology with songs written by Zoltán Bátky (BZ) (vocals) and András Ádám Horváth (guitars) that describe the same topic from many different angles. All songs are examples of people, lives and destinies where the individual finds himself in a maze of mirrors: different choices, unforeseen junctions, deception and temptation where it’s easy to lose sight on the goal – to be ourselves.

The album features guest musicians: Zsolt Kővágó (Dreyelands, Honeybeast) on keyboards and a string quartet. The album is produced by the band’s guitarist, András Ádám Horváth and was mixed and mastered in HL-Studio by Barnabás Hidasi who is well known from the albums of major Hungarian acts like Tankcsapda, Depresszió, Magma Rise and many more. The album cover is based on a photo of Péter Rajkai, a photographer with a unique vision and style, often featured in National Geographic and provided artwork for the “Wired For Madness” album by Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). The cover and booklet arrangement is a work by long time collaborator visual artist Olívia Nagy.

AT NIGHT I FLY is a modern progressive metal band from Hungary. All members have long history with critically acclaimed groups that proved their worth in their home country and even in the international scene. Zoltán “BZ” Bátky is well known from bands like StonehengeWendigoAfter Crying and many more. With many albums, decades of touring, awards and respect he wanted something new that can build from the music and experience from his past. Together with András Ádám Horváth who is well known from Dreyelands, After Crying and solo works along with many session works, so somewhere in 2012 they decided to form AT NIGHT I FLY. They have joined by drummer Gábor Nagygyörgy, a Portnoy-maniac from bands like K3 and Cry Free along with bassist Zoltán Hegyaljai-Boros from Reason and many other projects. Their first release was “September Kills” EP in 2012 followed by great reviews, a killer music video and many concerts.

After the first few years Zoltán Hegyaljai-Boros decided to leave and the guys have found the perfect solution in Dreyelands bassist Gergely Springer. In the meantime they have realized that although originally they started it as a project, AT NIGHT I FLY became more like a real band because the styles, characters and experiences of the members can form a unique sound and world. Based on the songs that were formed after the first EP they have recorded “Mirror Maze”, a complex concept album where musical finesse meets with power, deep lyrics and experimental approach.

Band members:
Zoltán Bátky (BZ) – vocals
András Ádám Horváth – guitars
Gergely Springer – bass
Gábor Nagygyörgy – drums

More information of At Night I Fly online:

Hammer Music Hungary on Facebook:

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AT NIGHT I FLY – new song “Uriel” is available for streaming, “Mirror Maze” album to be released in December


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