CULT OF ERINYES set release date for new AMOR FATI album – also reveal first track, cover, tracklisting

On December 21st internationally, Amor Fati Productions is proud to present Cult of Erinyes‘ highly anticipated fourth album, Æstivation, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats.

Drawing its energy from the darkest thoughts of its creators, this extreme and punitive outfit intends to evolve in the realms of black metal while pushing its limits ever further. Spawned with the intention to distill artistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belong to the forbidden experience, where music is merely a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rhythmics, and ambient digressions are only a few weapons which have made Cult of Erinyes a band to be reckoned with.

Formed late 2009, Cult of Erinyes released their debut EP, Golgotha, early 2011 through Kunsthauch & Dunkelkunst, as well as a limited-edition tape through Caverna Abismal Records. Quickly after, their first full-length, A Place to Call My Unknown, was released by a very young Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, gathering attention from all over the world. This got them signed to Code666 Records, who would end up releasing two more full-lengths (2013’s Blessed Extinction and 2017’s Tiberius), while the band kept self-financing smaller-scale releases like a split with Zifir and two EPs respectively titled Transcendence (2016) and Veneer (2018).

It was Veneer, however, that truly changed everything for Cult of Erinyes. After a drastic lineup change, including new drummer Ahephaïm (Sabathan, ex-Enthroned) and new vocalist/producer Déhà (Slow, Maladie), it was clear that the band needed something more. The answer was to be found in Amor Fati Productions, with whom the band have joined forces to unleash their fourth full-length, Æstivation. More tumultuous than ever, the band unveils its true potential to lift their music to the highest of spheres, delivering raw fury and haunting melodies.

With this new lineup, including members of esteemed acts like Wolvennest, LVTHN, Imber Luminis, and many more, Cult of Erinyes are ready to bring their enticing yet challenging music to the stage once more. Æstivation is thus both strident development and grand rebirth: bottomless immersion awaits!

Begin that immersion with the brand-new track “Corruption” HERE at Amor Fati‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Cult of Erinyes’ Æstivation1. Death as Reward2. Corruption
3. Broken Conclave
4. Healer – Fever
5. Nothing is Owed to the Void
6. Nihil Sacrum Est


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