DEAD KOSMONAUT – New Album “Gravitas” – Details & Trackstream revealed

Sweden’s DEAD KOSMONAUT proudly announce their sophomore full-length “Gravitas“!

The album will be released on January 31st 2020 via High Roller Records.

DEAD KOSMONAUT serve up a variety of styles and song structures and display such an array of influences as to keep even the most discriminating metal fan as happy as a dog with two tails. Such is their mastery!

A lyric video for the stunning opening track “Black Tongue Tar” is available now at this location:

The Swedes opened their account with “Expect Nothing” in 2017, and followed it up with the “Rekviem” mini-LP in 2019. With a settled line-up consisting of band founder Mattias Reinholdsson on bass, vocalist Pelle Gustafsson (NIFELHEIM), guitarists Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED & FIRESPAWN) and Pär Fransson and drummer Henrik Johansson, DEAD KOSMONAUT are largely based in Stockholm.

Mattias states: “I have tried to put together a strong line-up for the band and I am confident that ‘Gravitas’ illustrates that. It’s more of DEAD KOSMONAUT. It’s wider and deeper. The heavy stuff is really heavy and the melodic stuff is even more melodic.”


  1. Black Tongue Tar
  2. Iscariot’s Dream
  3. Vanitatis Profeta
  4. The Spirit Divide
  5. Hell / Heaven
  6. Gravitas
  7. Dead Kosmonaut – Part I
  8. Dead Kosmonaut – Part II 

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