Devin Townsend and Katatonia confirmed for MAXIMUM ROCK FESTIVAL 2020!

Maximum Rock Festival comes back to Bucharest, Romania with big changes. In order to make it the greatest so far, the eight edition is going to be Open Air, and will bring onstage some of the biggest names in the rock music.

Make sure to grab your tickets and come between 13th and 14th on June 2020 at Arenele Romane in Bucharest, Romania, for an unforgettable weekend!

The first names confirmed so far are DEVIN TOWNSEND (Canada) and KATATONIA (Sweden).

The 2-Day Passes are now available only on The Presale 1 wave is limited to 1000 tickets at the price of 249 RON.

More details about the waves of tickets and prices below:
  • Earlybird (100 Passes) – 149 RON – Sold Out in less than 24 hours
  • Presale 1 (1000 Passes) – 249 RON
  • Presale 2 (available up until June 12, 2020) – 279 RON
  • Regular Access (doors) – 300 RON

Devin Townsend comes for the first time in Bucharest, within Maximum Rock Festival 2020, between 13th and 14th of June.

Approaching more musical genres at the same time, and always coming up with something new and intruiging, Devin Townsend seems to have found the key of succes.

Even though heavy metal and progressive rock genres may be the central points of his music, Townsend successfully adds to them other genres, such as country, new age, ambient noise, and even orchestral music. His complexity as an artist makes it difficult to place him in only one category. Who’s Devin Townsend and what’s his musical identity? Hard to say.

The success and experience he got in the last years puts him in a position where he has full control over his creative work. His new album, „Empath”, has an unique musical vibe, outside of any other classical genre known by humans. „Empath”, as the name suggests, allows his auditors to go through a variety of emotions.

The Bucharest show this summer is going to be a part of „Empath, Volume 2”, with a heavier set than the Volume 1 tour he’s on right now. It’ll include some Strapping Young Lad songs and will see a different band than the current one, more catered to the metal tracks in his repertoire.

The Swedish band was formed in 1991 and up until now has 10 realeased albums. In 2020,Katatonia comes back to Bucharest for a special performance, within Maximum Rock Festival, between 13th and 14th of June, at Arenele Romane.

After a short break in 2018 caused by the back injuries of guitarist Roger Ojersson, the band announced in February 2019 a comeback to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album „Night Is The New Day” with a deluxe edition and a tour.

Katatonia started as a 2 men band, with members Jonas Renkse and Anders Nystrom wanting to share their passion towards death metal. Their growing popularity made them bring other members to the band, for the live shows. One of the most remarcable name they had is Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth.

After „Dance of December Souls” (1993) and „Brave Murder Day” (1996), Renkse had some troubles with his voice, thing that forced the band to change their death metal style to something more calm, specific to death metal. The style changed over the years, and after „Discouraged Ones” (1998) and „Tonight’s Decision” (1999), the band settled to having 5 members. The next four records show clearly the characteristics of progressive rock style that the band decided to adopt.   

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