WOODEN EARTH release new single “Fangs” via The Obelisk

Heavy rock band WOODEN EARTH are streaming their new single “Fangs” via The Obelisk. The song is set to be released on all streaming platforms next week.

Listen to the song here: https://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2019/12/06/wooden-earth-fangs-premiere/

About Wooden Earth
Since their formation in 2017 the group has not only started to craft concept records starting with 2018’s Waves Of Smoke EP, but also written a yet-to-be-released comic book depicting the story behind the band. To become road dogs they have had to stay resilient, the core duo of drummer/vocalist Griffin Thomas and guitarist Devin Moreno have been through three bassists and are currently touring as a two piece. Currently the band is preparing for a several week tour in early 2020 as well as the release of their debut album. This new record will see them building on the controlled chaos that is their sound and will build on of over a decade of playing together.


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