VAEOK stream W.T.C. debut EP at – includes members of SARGEIST, NIGHTBRINGER, DEMONCY+++

Mystical black metal upstarts Vaeok stream the entirety of their striking debut EP, Vaeok, at heavily trafficked web-portal A duo whose members currently hail from such highly regarded hordes as Sargeist, Kult ov Azazel, Nightbringer, Adaestuo, and Demoncy among others, Vaeok nevertheless emits its own nightsky majesty and mysticism. Set for international release on January 7th via W.T.C. Productions, hear Vaeok‘s Vaeok in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Vaeok rose into spire beneath constellations formed in the distant past between M.S. and VJS. The decrepit majesty and resulting melancholia which is Vaeok, the result of this bond, could only hark from such a haunted past. The architectural forms of 20th Century black metal are present, yet obscured by delirium dreams and frozen call. With the self-titled debut EP and forthcoming LP, Vaeok will continue the process of shaping souls as cathedrals solely for the mad wisdom contained in beholding their ruin. On the horizon of years soon forgotten, both VJS and M.S. have left older monuments to the macrocosm which the so inclined may seek at their discretion, but Vaeok contains the signature of a new vandal, hermetically inscribed in insolence and rightful in ascension. May the reign of Vaeok be known by grandeur and decay, apex and oblivion…

Hear the full sounds of that dawning reign exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover art, courtesy of Wodenswolf – with Vaeok logo by Dennis Hughes (Cythraul Art) – and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Vaeok’s Vaeok
1. Terricula Nox
2. Atrox
3. Malaesthete
4. Souls Void


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