GRAFVITNIR to have cult debut album reissued by CLAVIS SECRETORVM

On February 14th internationally, Clavis Secretorvm will release Grafvitnir’s cult debut album, NâHásh, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats.

Originally released in 2012 but only in extremely limited quantities – both as vinyl picture disc and CDR – NâHásh humbly began Grafvitnir’s ascent from the underground into modern black metal royalty. However, Grafvitnir’s by-now-signature attack is anything but “modern.” Exquisitely and restlessly melodic, its sulfurous fire paradoxically as cryogenic as it comes, medieval in atmosphere and literally bewitching in feel and fury, NâHásh set forth the template by which these mysterious Swedes would continue to perfect, in rapid succession, over the course of five more full-lengths. And still to this day do Grafvitnir reign…

But, like many/most magickal things, the earliest sparks burn brightest, and indeed is that the case with Grafvitnir’s NâHásh debut. Out of seemingly nowhere did it appear, regal and righteous and utterly ripping, harkening back to a time when Dissection sired countless clones, but each one of them as satisfying and significant as the next. In fact, if one closed their eyes and simply absorbed the purple-blue swords-drawn swoosh of Grafvitnir’s opening salvo, you could imagine NâHásh being released in 1997 on No Fashion Records. Which is to say that these Swedes are firmly and authentically grounded in black metal’s most steadfast and enduring classicism: timeless and terrorizing, NâHásh is palpitating, diabolically melodic BLACK METAL full of menace and majesty, somehow sparkling and shimmering despite its evocations of witchcraft and sacred rites. It thoroughly possesses now as it did upon its original release in 2012.

To preserve this modern classic for posterity, Clavis Secretorvm will release NâHásh on a proper professional CD format and on regular vinyl format, featuring a gatefold with metallic gold artwork. The past is alive with Grafvitnir, and it’s more glorious than ever! Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Grafvitnir’s NâHásh
1. Summoning of the Serpent
2. Shadowed portal (to the Left Light)
3. Vilddjurets Återkomst
4. Luciferian Flame
5. Beyond the Black Veil of Da’ath
6. Sphere of the Acausal
7. Vastness of Death


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