FORNDOM reveal first track from new NORDVIS album

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Nordvis Produktion reveals the first track from Forndom‘s highly anticipated second album, Faþir, in the form of “Yggdrasil.” Faþir – or “Father” – in ancient Swedish – is slated for international release on April 3rd. Hear Forndom‘s brand-new “Yggdrasil” across all major digital platforms HERE.

The cycle of life and nature is a precious and wondrous thing. We are born. We learn. We live. We die. And after death, another life awaits. When the world succumbs to the cold and dark grasp of winter, the promise of a spring birthing everything anew keeps hope alive. Such is the journey we make, and such is the lifespan of Faþir. Heaving, pulsating, filled with contrasts. Ardent hostility and fiery revenge, blossoming life and lush fertility, soul-wrenching grief and deep anguish. Such is the path we walk, under the guidance of the deities. The helping hand of a father. The nurturing wisdom in times of need. But, sometimes, a treacherous god who leads us into death and despair – albeit always with an underlying purpose. Such is Faþir.

With eloquence, elegance, and emotion, L. Swärd has created another monolith of sublime art to add to Forndom‘s impeccable discography. This highly awaited follow-up to 2016’s Dauðra Dura is nothing short of a modern masterpiece, rooted in ancient ways. The expressive vocals and strings soar on top of a foundation of unyielding drums, like spirits dancing in the skies yet connected to the human pulse. Never surrendering the strong connection to our mortal world, there is a deeply sacred dimension to Faþir. A glimpse of the divine, seen through a lens of devotion and veracity. The joining of death and life, if you will.

The thick atmospheres and vast inner landscapes Forndom creates are more prevalent than ever, and from the first trembling string introduction of “Jakten” to the last wistful beat of “Hemkomst,” one is transported to another time, another place, and another mindset, leaving behind the calamity, stress, and superficiality of the modern world and finding anew the lost wisdom hidden by the veil of years passed.  

“There will always be someone there turning to us in times of need, someone to raise and teach us the lessons of life,” says Swärd . “But he will also make us suffer and bleed, always with a certain aim, a certain quest, meant for ourselves. If we chose to follow him, we can expect a life of wealth, of higher knowledge and wisdom. But equally, it will also be a life filled with sorrow, tears, and death. But he will be present throughout our path to comfort us, to give life, and to heal. He carries many names and comes in many forms; he is many, yet the very same one – the past as much as the present. We give him our sacrifices; we serve him with our blood. He lives within our spirit, within our memories – within us. No matter what we may call him, no matter what shape he may take, he is and will always remain – our father.”

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “Yggdrasil” across all major digital platforms HERE. Preorder info can be found HERE as well as HERE. Cover and tracklisting, as well as upcoming tour dates, are as follows:

Tracklisting for Forndom’s Faþir
1. Jakten
2. Yggdrasil
3. Finnmarken
4. Fostersonen
5. Munin
6. Hel, jag vet mig väntar
7. Hemkomst

upcoming FORNDOM tour dates
8/4 – Drizzly grizzly – Gdansk – Poland
9/4 – Hydrozagadka – Warszawa – Poland
10/4 – Zet Pe Te – Kraków – Poland
11/4 – Instant – Budapest – Hungary
12/4 – Arena – Vienna – Austria
13/4 – TBC – Prague – Czech Republic
14/4 – Moritzbastei – Leipzig – Germany
15/4 – Privatclub – Berlin – Germany
16/4 – Stengade – Copenhagen- Denmark
17/4 – MS Stubnitz – Hamburg – Germany
18/4 – TBC – Köln – Germany
19/4 – (Roadburn) – Hall of fame – Tilburg – The Netherlands


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