Mexican metallers AFTERFALL release second single ‘Requiem’

Follow-up to debut single ‘Maere’, currently with over 70k streams

Mexican melodic death metal band AFTERFALL have launched new single ‘Requiem’. Following the huge success of debut single ‘Maere’ which has surpassed 70k streams since its release in October, the band wasted no time in delivering a follow up, which showcases more sides to their sound.

Watch ‘Requiem’ here:

The band explain the concept behind ‘Requiem’: ” This a story of the suffering, pain and unrelenting agony of a dying mother who desperately tries to catch every breath even when her lungs are being tore apart by the very air she breathes. Her skin is thin and full of cracks, her eyes lost and tarnished, sunken deep into their sockets, shaking in cold, barely able to whisper a farewell for her older daughter ,just before passing away consumed by the immense torture carried out by a life at its end. The song will take you under the skin of this agonising woman to let you know about the reason behind her suffering and self-sacrifice with the embracing organ, strings and voices mixed with crushing guitars, fast drumming, a melodic bass and a combination between harsh and clean vocals.”

The lyrical themes are based on a fiction novel written by the band and ‘Requiem’ is the second chapter. Chapter one is the story of ‘Maere’, which centres on a character who experiences several traumatic and desperate events to protect the life of a young sibling, resulting in the person being transformed into a ruthless, cold-blooded psychopath.

Fast melodic riffing, harmonised leads, breakdowns and half-time riffs are aplenty in AFTERFALL’s sound, and their incorporation of Middle-Eastern instruments and baroque orchestration shows they have no limits in terms of sonic experimentation.

Formed early 2019 at in Mexico City, the quartet have wasted no time in producing their world-class metal sound; ‘Maere’ and ‘Requiem’ serve as perfect tasters for the band’s upcoming album. 

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