MOON AND AZURE SHADOW – ‘Age of Darkness and Frost’!

Moon And Azure Shadow returns with ‘Age of Darkness and Frost

With influences ranging from Japanese soundtracks to Darkthrone and Summoning, Age of Darkness and Frost blends these sounds perfectly to form a truly groundbreaking album of orchestral landscapes and ethereal atmosphere.

Available for the first time on A5 CD & LP formats via Repose Records with newly remastered sound this album is sounding more immense than ever.  

“An epic journey of bleak, frozen and tortured imagery…. One of the most immersive albums we’ve heard in a long time.  The soundscapes created are so haunting and sorrowful they effortlessly find a way to permeate your mind” – Metal Saves

FFO: Summoning, Elffor & Caladan Brood


1. Across Dark Landscapes (03:20)
2. Age of Darkness and Frost (08:59)
3. Black Winged Gate of Destiny Descends (02:20)
4. Abyssic Lunar Tower (17:31)
5. Through the Channelling of Souls (03:21)
6. Unholy Vanquishing (10:51)
7. Passage Through Time and Cold (04:24)

Total length: 50:46

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