MY DYING BRIDE – release album trailer for “The Ghost Of Orion”

In less than a month, “The Ghost Of Orion” will unfold its black, silken shroud to cover the world under a spellbindinding layer of doom and despair. After returning from their break, MY DYING BRIDE rose like a phoenix out of the ashes and are set to release their new album via Nuclear Blast on March, 6th.
Today, the band releases its third album trailer talking about the record’s themes, artwork and inspiration. Check out the video here:

Preorder “The Ghost Of Orion” here:
Listen to latest singles “Your Broken Shore” and “Tired Of Tears” and other new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists: /

“The Ghost Of Orion” will be available as CD, black 2LP in Gatefold, white 2LP in Gatefold, red 2LP in Gatefold and picture 2LP in Gatefold.

More on “The Ghost Of Orion”:
“Your Broken Shore”
“Your Broken Shore” (Making Of)
“Tired Of Tears”:
Album Trailer #1
Album Trailer #2:

MY DYING BRIDE‘s three decades of misery almost came to an end several years ago. Following 2015’s universally lauded »Feel the Misery« album, vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe’s daughter, just five years old at the time, was diagnosed with cancer. Shocked and heartbroken, Stainthorpe put all band activities on hold while he, his immediate family, and MY DYING BRIDE put their collective energies into eradicating what Stainthorpe called, “the cruellest of God’s bitter and loveless creations.” The high hurdles, however, didn’t stop with cancer. In 2018, returning original member and guitarist Calvin Robertshaw texted his departure, effective immediately. No reason was given or explanation provided to anyone. Then, just as MY DYING BRIDE had regrouped after positive news that his daughter was effectively cancer free, returning drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels departed right before the band were slated to enter Mark Mynett’s studio, Mynetaur Productions. Down two members but feeling right as rain, MY DYING BRIDE moved on, mastered the doldrums, recording magnificent new album, »The Ghost of Orion«, to the joyful tears of fans across the globe, in the process.

More info on MY DYING BRIDE:

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