TURIA stream new EISENWALD album at Metalinjection.net

Dutch black metal mavericks Turia stream their highly anticipated third album, Degen van Licht, at heavily trafficked web-portal MetalInjection.net. Set for release via Eisenwald, hear Turia‘s Degen van Licht in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Turia‘s upcoming Degen van Licht is an ode to the ageless lure of the unyielding mountains, and an exploration of the sweltering warmth which encompasses these heights every summer. Crackling green pastures full of life morph into scorching fields of withered grass and decaying alpine herbs. Shrieks of lammergeiers prowling for the bones of decomposing creatures reverberate throughout the high summits. The purgatory potential of the massif is revealed when death prevails.

Witnessing these changes and enduring the delirious heat formed the basis for Degen van Licht. The maniacal drumming, tormented screams, and spectral guitars coalesce into a sound that will be familiar for longtime followers of Turia while further developing their signature psychedelic aural structures.

Cavernous reverbs evoke great depths and heights, while analog delays reminisce the phantasmal rays of the sun. The years of playing live across Europe since Turia‘s last album, Dede Kondre, are revealed in an increased complexity of songwriting. Taking cues from mid-era Bathory to early Hawkwind, moving between ferocious sonic avalanches and churning dirges, Degen van Licht is sure to expand Turia‘s idiosyncratic style of black metal into new territories.

The album is once again produced, recorded, and mixed by Turia themselves with assistance of longtime collaborator M. Koops (Fluisteraars). A greater clarity in the production is enhanced by the tasteful mastering courtesy of Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios. The album will be granted a worldwide release by Eisenwald on LP and CD while a cassette version will be available under the banner of Haeresis Noviomagi.

In the leadup to its release, hear Degen van Licht in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of MetalInjection.net. Ordering info for the CD and vinyl versions can be found at Eisenwald‘s webstore. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Turia’s Degen van Licht
1. I
2. Merode
3. Met Sterven Beboet
4. Degen Van Licht
5. Storm
6. II
7. Ossifrage


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