Montreal Black/Thrash MAUDIIR Offers Debut EP “Le Temps Peste” For Free Download

Recently unleashing his debut EP “Le Temps Peste” on February 7th, Maudiir, the one-man-band black /thrash project created by F. is offering the release for FREE download via Bandcamp HERE.

Coming from the underbelly of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Maudiir is an outlet for observations on obedience and industrialization riddled with man-made waste. With 80s heavy metal influences alongside black metal and punk, Maudiir is unique in sound; hauntingly dark while being corrosive and galloping. 

Starting with guitar, F. works his way through each sullen track, adding drums, recording all the colorations and textures of the guitars, adding bass, and finally writing the words, very often at the same time they are being recorded. 

The pessimistic aura of the music combines with lyrics about consumer society, religion, science going awry, addiction to technology, and environmental decay. “Le Temps Peste” is intense dark music. Another release is currently in the works. 

F. adds:

“‘Le Temps Peste’ is a riff-driven EP, corrosive and galloping, mixing black metal, thrash metal and NWOBHM, that makes it a unique listening experience. The blood, sweat, and tears of a one-man project.”

F. (ex-Deeply Confused, Tears for the Dead Gods) is also currently leading prog/thrash metal outfit Trinity Blast.

Maudiir is F.

Track Listing:
1. Product (5:14)
2. Abuse The Used (4:30)
3. Wasteland (5:15)
4. Surge of Fire (4:39)
5. Snakes of Creation (6:43)
EP Length: 26:23

For more info: 

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