OATH OF DAMNATION premiere the second single from their Fury And Malevolence album with Legacy Magazine!

As the storm clouds continue to gather and the release of Oath Of Damnation’s second album, Fury And Malevolence, grows ever closer, the Australian devils have released a second single from their new tome of destruction. ‘The Abortuary‘ is a monstrous outpouring of malice, riffs falling from the blackened skies in a torrential rain of razors. It perfectly encapsulates Fury And Malevolence’s blend of furious power, epic grandeur and dark atmosphere and will intensify the frenzied anticipation for the Oath Of Damnation’s stunning new record.

‘The Abortuary’ is being premiered exclusively with giant German metal magazine, Legacy – one of the foremost names in European metal print media and you can hear it right here:

March 13th is the date when Fury And Malevolence will finally be unleashed by Gore House Productions, with magnificent artwork from Jenglot Hitam (ImpietySabbatAbigail etc). You do not want to miss this!

Experience ‘The Abortuary’ with Legacy Magazine now!

Pre-order your copy of Fury And Malevolence here

For more information on Oath Of Damnation click here
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Visit Gore House Productions

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