FIRES IN THE DISTANCE – Melodic Death/Doom Unit (Xenosis, Archaic Decapitator members) Premiere “The Climb” At No Clean Singing. Album out May 22nd

Connecticut-based melodic death/doom outfit Fires in the Distance are proud to announce the release of their debut album, Echoes From Deep November. The album will see release on Friday, May 22nd.

The band was formed in 2016 as an instrumental experiment to develop an album that drew on heavier and slower influences. Given the familiarity and longstanding friendship between the members, the writing process was fluid and seamless. 

The members shared chemistry and years spent honing their craft has enabled them to create a remarkably mature, powerfully emotive, and heavily layered debut album on Echoes From Deep November. At its core, the album is built on a strong death/doom foundation yet builds up into something more unique and eloquent due to its extensive implementation of atmospheric metal, progressive metal, and melodic death metal influences.

Fires in the Distance – Echoes From Deep November will strongly appeal to fans of groups who the band cite as sources of inspiration including Man-Eating Tree, Type O, Enshine, Swallow The Sun, Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity.

The band partnered with No Clean Singing today to premiere “The Climb”. Pre-orders are now live and linked below.

No Clean Singing comments on today’s premiere of “The Climb”
The Climb” is quite a compelling and beautifully layered musical tapestry, one that combines the heft of craggy, jolting chugs and the darting lightness of piano keys and pinging electronics; savage, gritty growls and wailing guitar leads; neck-cracking drumwork and gravel-chewing bass, and also beautifully fluid and incandescent soloing.

There is a sense of tension and turmoil in the music, but also a pulsing, irrepressible vitality in the melodies.”

Fires in the Distance – Echoes From Deep November Line-Up
Kristian Grimaldi (60 Grit) – Guitars/Vocals
Yegor Savonin (Archaic Decapitator) – Guitars/Keyboards
Craig Breitsprecher (Archaic Decapitator, Xenosis, Formless) – Bass, Backing Vocals
Kyle Quintin (Archaic Decapitator, Katahdin) – Drums

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