VIRGIL DONATI releases new playthrough from his Ruination album

USA, Australia and Europe tours planned for 2020

Virtuoso drummer and composer VIRGIL DONATI has released a stunning new drum playthrough for the track ‘The Quiet Place’, taken from the new solo effort Ruination, out now.

Check out ‘The Quiet Place’ here:

Having just completed a tour of the USA, Virgil‘s band will soon be announcing Australian and European tours in 2020.

Famed as a drum virtuoso, Virgil is also a multi-instrumentalist: he’s a highly accomplished keyboard player, arranger, producer, lyricist and more, all of which is showcased on the new album. With a career spanning four decades and having worked with some of the finest musicians in the world (inc. Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan), it’s no surprise that Ruination is packed full of sophistication, skill, and exciting composition.

Fusing elements of prog, jazz fusion and occasionally tending toward the heavier, Ruination is an experimental and progressive musical exploration, as tightly controlled as it is dynamic and free. A notable addition on this record is prominent vocals, which add a great texture and entwine traditional songwriting elements into the mix. As expected, Virgil’s skill and creativity behind the kit is undeniably impressive; his ability to paint stunning pictures via his exploration in rhythm is unmatched, and his work on this album is no exception.

The core band on Ruination consists of Irwin Thomas (guitar/vox), Andre Neiri (guitar), Junior Braguinha (bass), Chris Clark (keys), but there are several notable guest performances. Virgil himself performs on keyboards, and he is also joined by some more exceptional players: Anton Davidyants (bass), Matteo Mancuso (guitar), Joe Chindamo (keys), Julian Lage (guitar), Evan Marien (bass), Marco Sfogli (guitar), Alex Argento (keys), Carl Morner Ringstrom (guitar) and Steve Hunt (keys).

Recently winning Modern Drummer Magazine’s ‘Best Recorded Performance’ and named in Music Radar’s ‘Prog Drummer of the Year’ top seven this year, there’s no doubt that this is a musician at the top of his game. However, Ruination is more than a show of talent and skill, it’s a stunning musical work that sounds far greater than the sum of its very impressive parts.

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