NEKROÍ THEOÍ announce live shows & release video for ‘Simony of Hollow Christs’

Floridian death metal band, NEKROÍ THEOÍ have today announced a run of dates in their home state, as well as releasing a video for the track Simony of Hollow Christs. The dates will take place in March and will be alongside Accursed Creator. Simony of Hollow Christs is taken from NEKROÍ THEOÍ’s 2019 album, Dead Gods; the footage for the video was filmed live on the road. Watch the video below.

Of the track, vocalist, JJ Polacheck commented:

Simony of Hollow Christs is, like much of Dead Gods a deeply personal take on a widespread issue. Growing up as a pastor’s kid, deeply embedded within the western protestant church in all its denominations, I witnessed firsthand the many doubleminded pathologies of the leadership and infrastructure. Great efforts were taken to give reverence to the scripture, while many people beneath the leadership were exploited. This came to a head when my father spoke out against a Baptist youth leader in training who was preying on a young girl in my youth group, and my father was promptly fired and the issue swept under the rug while the predator remained in the church.

“This would be my first moment of disillusionment with Christianity, and it left a great mark on my psyche. I learned that even in what I perceived to be the purest of institutions, there is a focus on optics over ethics. This is not the exception, this is the functional norm. Simony of Hollow Christs is a naked and honest appraisal of this from the perspective of a True Believer, rationalizing any and all horrors for the sake of following scripture as closely as possible. This mentality is real, and vastly pervasive throughout the entirety of Christian culture. Yes, even your modern, tech savvy church with a coffee shop.”

Dead Gods is out now via Prosthetic Records.

Upcoming NEKROÍ THEOÍ dates:
3/19 New Port Richey, FL @ The Verona
3/20 Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda 
3/21 Orlando, FL @ Henao Contemporary Center 
3/22 Tampa, FL @ American Legion

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