LIVE SUFFER DIE – “Fisted Aspiration of Sanctuary” exclusive premier & interview

The Suicidal vocals of SILENCER & BETHLEHEM juxtaposed against mesmerizing, ritual riffing akin to JUDAS ISCARIOT!

Moribund Records proudly offers tribute to another Cult Warrior called to the infernal flame all too soon, with the release of LIVE SUFFER DIE “A Voice from Beyond Death” CD. LIVE SUFFER DIE is Lance Gifford’s final recordings and last collaborative effort with Lörd Matzigkeitus (The Projectionist, The Black Sorcery). A unique and cult US / Canadian Black Metal Co-operative, LSD is riddled with mesmerizing, grim guitar craft akin to JUDAS ISCARIOT juxtaposed against one of the most insane vocal performances since BETHLEHEM “Dictius Te Necare” or SILENCER “Death – Pierce Me”! “A Voice from Beyond Death” is a finely tuned torrent of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal LIVE SUFFER DIE is sure to be a perfectly morose morsel for fans of SHINING, SILENCER and early BETHLEHEM.

Watch “Fisted Aspiration of Sanctuary” HERE:

Exclusive Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus!

What should we know about LIVE SUFFER DIE? When was it formed and what were its most important achievements?

LM— LSD was originally conceived by Lance Gifford (Bitter Peace/Empire of Blood) in 2016 with the intent to have Vardan perform vocals, due to other priorities musically, Vardan stepped back from the project and Lance approached me about doing it, having known me to be a prolific vocalist with a wide and unusual range of delivery. I recorded my vocals in an extremely painful and cathartic session not long after he had asked me.

In May of 2019 after going through a lot of turmoil in his life, Lance reached out to me and made me promise I’d get the album completed and released because in his words, he had not long to live.

He passed away in Sept 2019, and I contacted Odin at Moribund Cult Records about putting out the album in honor of Lance’s final wishes and to raise funds for his family. “A Voice from Beyond Death” was completed then and sees its release in March of 2020. This album is his final musical accomplishment. There will be no more LSD music after this. Though I will carry on his spirit in all my future works.

What does it give to the listener? 

LM—Music is of course, purely subjective, but our intent with this album is to take them to the far reaches of agony with a burning catharsis that may give them peace in the end or give them fuel to continue fighting the villainy of this world. LSD is a harrowing, uneasy listen that will leave the listener changed no matter how they absorb it’s evils.

What kind of emotions does it invoke?

LM—It is a complex expulsion of inner pain, fury, manic anger, sorrow, grief, somber peace and indignancy. I am instantly transported to an excruciating time in my life when I hear it.

Mainly, I’d like for the listener to bathe in the tremendous talent Lance had and let his musical voice impact as many lives as it can touch.

Can you tell us more about the song “Fisted Aspiration of Sanctuary”?

LM—“Fisted” has a very hypnotic, slow burning pace. Lance creates a gaping chasm of both rythme and lurk that gives the song a very contemplative ambience.  The lyric itself, which I’d written, is a depiction of dreams utterly smashed. That, in that space everything of value, everything that gave reason to carrying on had been viscerally ripped away and left no place to gain respite from its devastation. The title itself is quite graphic…the thought of peace and safety being violently fisted by these outside negative forces. A most invasive sexual act, forcing an entire fist into a crevice not meant to withstand such stretching and tearing.

In black Metal, it should hurt to listen to. This track is jarring, unsettling and builds to a crescendo of absolute blinding ultra-violence. You can hear the labored breathing and agony in the vocal delivery. It has no pretense of sounding “brutal” or “metal”; it’s just a sincere portrayal of the human emotion, the claustrophobia of perceived defeat with nowhere to run.

I think what we hear is immaculate wickedness! A deep and somber darkness! Please, continue my words…

LM—This song, this album was crafted with no intentions of appealing to anyone. For that reason, I feel it is a truly unique and honest record. The spirit of true black metal that doesn’t concern itself with opinion. The rebel cry of Satan that rebels against what is decent and comfortable. 

May all who hear this remember the sheer talent of Lance Gifford and let his voice ring throughout the ages. Yee who place this album into your lives will be forever altered by it’s rancor and sincerity.

LIVE SUFFER DIE “A Voice from Beyond Death” CD Lim. Ed. 500

Track Listing:
1. 14 Voices (13:17)
2. Fisted Aspiration of Sanctuary (11:47)
3. Self Destruction Fiend (16:47)
4. Twin Witches of Ruin (9:55)
5. Veins Wide Open (5:43)

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