ROUGH GRIND celebrate debut album with a new music video

Promo pic by Petri Damstén 

Rough Grind released their long-awaited debut album ”Pieces of Resistance” (Inverse Records) worldwide on all digital platforms on Wednesday, March 4. 

The Finnish heavy rockers went all out on the release day and also launched a new music video, “Only Fools Don’t Like Rock’n’roll”. The video is available here:

“Take some crunching guitars, add a boatload of clichés and top it all off with silly antics. That’s really the recipe for this song and video. Thanks and sorry, everybody, laughs guitarist Arg, who joined Rough Grind last year and also wrote “Only Fools Don’t Like Rock’n’roll”. 

Even though the band is known for their sense of humor, their music doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to pointing out all the injustices that plague the modern world. And for counterbalance, their repertoire includes reflective, melodic pieces that cast an eye on the pain points of life. 

Rough Grind plays a unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal, where a discerning listener will pick up strong traces of old-school influences. The band has previously released three EPs, with the two latest receiving airtime around the globe. 

Listen to the Pieces of Resistance album on:

Apple Music:   Snakes and Ladders music video: “The Die Is Cast” music video

Album cover by Petri Damstén


01 Snakes And Ladders
02 Corporate God
03 State of Play
04 Silver Greed
05 Overdue
06 Masquerade
07 The Die Is Cast
08 You Suck
09 Guardian Ghost
10 Only Fools Don’t Like Rock’n’roll

Sami – Vocals & Bass
Ville – Guitar
Arg – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Killi – Drums



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ROUGH GRIND will march forth on March 4th!


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