Death Thrashers HEMOTOXIN Present Full Album Stream of ‘Restructure the Molded Mind’

Bay Area Death Thrashers HEMOTOXIN have partnered with Decibel Magazine for the premiere of forthcoming album Restructure The Molded Mind. Recommended for neck-wrecking and mind-blowing. Find out below.

Restructure The Molded Mind (Full Album Stream)

HEMOTOXIN’s third studio full-length album, and second for Unspeakable Axe Records, finds the band pushing further in every direction—more destructive, more melodic and undeniably catchy. The power thrash of “Automation” sinks into flesh like a hook, while others are a relentless and ferocious attack on the senses.

With a stew of influences ranging from traditional heavy metal, to progressive metal and the pantheon of death and thrash acts, HEMOTOXIN continue to write the music they want to hear. On Restructure the Molded Mind, HEMOTOXIN showcase a near-total indifference to easily-emulated and trendy sounds.

Unspeakable Axe Records will release Restructure the Molded Mind March 16 on CD and digital platforms. Pre-order the album at this location.

RIYL: Death, Obscura, Atheist 

Track list:

  1. Nihilistic Principle
  2. Acrimony
  3. Legions of Alienation
  4. Unreality
  5. Execution
  6. Corrupted Flesh
  7. Automation
  8. Restructure the Molded Mind
“The Pittsburg trio deliver an utterly vicious half-hour of technically sound death metal which oozes both maturity and vigor. This is what Death would sound like if you combined the mature wholesomeness and lyrical themes of Human with the primal fury and song lengths of Scream Bloody Gore.”
– The Metal Observer (9/10)

“On Restructure the Molded Mind… Hemotoxin waste zero seconds in blasting apart the quiet world with off-kilter and out-there death thrash cruelty. More aggressive than progressive, Restructure the Molded Mind still stands out as a highly intelligent predator.”
– Decibel

“Hemotoxin sticks to their guns on this newest release, but they’ve tightened up both their performance and songwriting. If you’re unfamiliar with the group but are looking for some good death thrash with equal parts brain and brawn, you should keep an eye on Restructure the Molded Mind.”
– Toilet ov Hell

“As time goes on, the cover art from California band Hemotoxin only gets more perplexing. Their complex brand of death/thrash metal similarly follows suit with each album.”
– Skull Fracturing Metal

“Hemotoxin are poised to spread their contagion. Audio inoculation is the only way to develop an antidote to this onslaught. Check out Hemotoxin and let their unique style of death metal restructure your mind.”
– The Metal Channel

“…Restructure the Molded Mind is everything a ravenous death thrash maniac could ever want and more, especially in terms of solid songwriting.”
– Rock and Metal Temple

“Hemotoxin’s music is jagged, unyielding and razor sharp. Excellent!”
– The Killchain

“Hemotoxin draw much of their influence from the era when Thrash was transitioning into Death Metal, but also add their own highly technical spin to their material.”
– No Clean Singing


Michael Chavez-Guitar/Vocals
Shane Hunt-Dussé – Bass
Brandon Wilcox-Drums 

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