VITJA – release brand new single ‘Payback’!

After releasing »THIRST« and making a debut with their new line up, powerful German genre hybrid VITJA from North Rhine-Westphalia is back with their heavy juggernaut – ‘Payback’!
The new single is also the starting shot for the »Arising Tour«, supporting their label mates from OURMIRAGE together with BREATHE ATLANTIS and THE NARRATOR!

Watch the new music video for ‘Payback’ here:
Get the song here:

»Arising Tour« 2020
06.03.2020      Münster: Sputnikhalle 
07.03.2020      Hannover: Lux
12.03.2020      Bremen: Tower
13.03.2020      Hamburg: Logo
14.03.2020      Berlin: Musik & Frieden
15.03.2020      Dresden: Groovestation 
18.03.2020      Leipzig: Naumanns
19.03.2020      Nürnberg: Z-Bau
20.03.2020      Köln: Helios37 
21.03.2020      Bochum: Rotunde
25.03.2020      Stuttgart: Juha West
26.03.2020      Wiesbaden: Schlachthof
27.03.2020      Trier: Mergener Hof
28.03.2020      München: Backstage  

VITJA released »THIRST« in September last year.
Buy or/and stream the new album »THIRST« here:

“The songs distinctly gained in depth, expression and dynamics and were vaguely oriented to what Annisokay had recently put out. In addition, the arrangements are much more varied than in the past. Songs like ‘Mistakes’ (the Hit of the album), the emotionally charged and cleverly staged ‘Lost In You’ as well as ‘Back’ ( between Muse, Thrice and Biffy Clyro) show what Vitja got in their sleeves apart from the former smashers.” – Metal Hammer
“VITJA have done everything right with their singer swap that can be done right and now have a much broader stylistic scope in front of them, which for the band itself might have felt like an immense alleviation in the songwriting process.”

“VITJA have been on a steep upward path since their foundation and the band has emerged more and more.
The new frontman Gabriel Spigolon gives the band a whole new musical orientation and the journalists first have to learn to deal with so much maturity.”
Oliver WilliamsTo Go Berlin

“Qualitatively, it’s flawless!” – Fuze

More on »THIRST«:
Watch the brand new single ‘Silver Lining feat. Carlo Knöpfel’ here:
Watch the brand new single ‘Mistakes’ here:
Watch the brand new single ‘Back’ here:

»THIRST« Tracklist:
01. Light Blue
02. Silver Lining feat. Carlo Knöpfel (BREAKDOWN OF SANITY)
03. Mistakes
04. Breathe
05. Instinct
06. Lost In You
07. Back
08. Silence
09. What’s Next
10. Those Years
11. Voices
12. One
13. Strangers


VITJA beats back with the powerful comeback album »THIRST«. A new era has begun. The cards are shuffled, all the signs are on victory and the sound is clearer, more mature and more consistent than ever before. With new frontman Gabriel Spigolon and new attitude the quartet sets sails for the top league.

»THIRST« is the name of the new chapter of a versatile and ambitious band, which now wants to build on past successes and, moreover, wants to climb the summit. Six years of band history have been turned upside down and at the same time they have created an inimitable sound garb, which is not represented in Germany so far.

The songwriting begins in the autumn of 2018. The quartet decides to put it into a new design that has been experienced and so far harmonious in order to remain true to itself and at the same time varied. Twenty songs are being produced over the months in the homestudios of the boys, which are to characterize the new and unique sound of the Rhinelanders.
“We found our sound. Each of us is extremely happy with the development. Still, we had to avoid offending people. We are sure to have found a perfect solution for our fans and ourselves“, says drummer Daniel Pampuch.

The guitars were recorded in the Sureshot Studios by Daniel Keller. The vocal recordings took place in the Mega Blaster Studios by Timo Bonner (OUR MIRAGE), who also mixes and masters the LP. To track the vocals, they took a lot of time to decide where to go.
“We wanted to go beyond the well-known Vitja sound and experimented with the new vocal possibilities“, says guitarist Vladimir Dontschenko.

The first single ‘Back’ is musically very broad. The versatile guitar playing of Dontschenko, combined with Pampuch´s fast, rhythm-driven, paired with the individual basslines of Mario Metzler and the varied vocals of Gabriel Spigolon, creates a unique atmosphere that leaves endless room for interpretation. The breakdown interrupts the hymn-like mood and makes the entire song explode in fractions of a second.
‘Back’ reflects everything about what we are and how we feel. He embodies the unrest of the last months and lets us arrive anyway“, says Pampuch.

»THIRST« is a new and fresh VITJA which gives the listener the freedom to choose between dreamy hovering states, wild headbanging or melancholy questioning.

2019 – VITJA is back.
Better and stronger than ever.

VITJA are:
Gabriel Spigolon | Vocals
Fabio De Dominicis| Guitars
Florian Vogel | Bass
Daniel Pampuch | Drums

More info:

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