METEORA – symphonic metal band’s new album “Tragedy Of Delusions” is out now!

“The love child of Nightwish and Fleshgod Apocalypse” – this was the initial reaction of the first ones who heard METEORA‘s brand new album, “Tragedy Of Delusion”. The symphonic metal band balances the melodies and operatic elements of Therion, Nightwish, Epica and After Forever with the more extreme influences of Fleshgod ApocalypseSepticflesh and Gojira, offering a perfect mixture for the lovers of both sides. They’ve previously published a lyric video for “My Reality”, followed by a videoclip shot for “Memento Mori”. They’re currently working on additional videos to be released later. 

Meteora: Memento Mori (Official Music Video)

Meteora: My Reality (Official lyric video)

The band’s second album is out now on several online streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play Music and Amazon Music) and physically as the bonus CD of the March edition of HammerWorld Magazine (Hungary). 

Meteora: Tragedy of Delusion online:

Order HammerWorld Magazin No. 322. (March 2020) here:

Keyboardist Atilla Király also shared plenty of information of the new album, songwriting, and the bonus Linkin Park cover:

We’re not about to stand in line and fit into the masses – we never have, and in our lyrics we encourage everyone not to do so – therefore we tried to keep our distance from the modern or electronic sounds that are part of the mainstream metal nowadays, we’d rather present a solid classic symphonic metal album to our audience. Vocals are quite different compared to our first album, this time we’ve invited a chorus of talented and qualified singers to participate in the recordings, and we have also used clean male vocals. Noémi (Noémi Holló, lead vocals) has also had classical training singing folk songs and she definitely shows off her diverse vocal talents on this record!” 

Most of the lyrics of the album deal with misbeliefs, delusions and deception, focusing on personal tragedies and global issues alike. In the last minute we’ve raised the idea of recording an 11th bonus song, and since many believed in the early days that we’re a Linkin Park Tribute band because of our name, we’ve transformed one of their biggest hits, Numb into symphonic metal. Right now we’re working on two new videos, and planning to do as many gigs as possible – starting with a show in Budapest on 25th April!” – Király added.

Meteora: Tragedy Of Delusion
2020 / Nail Records / NAILCD312
01. Common Enemy
02. Memento Mori
03. My Reality
04. Stay Among Us
05. Die, Live, Forgive – My Reality, Pt. II
06. Tag the Truth
07. Black Rose
08. When Angels Fall
09. Tragedy of Delusion
10. Beautiful Oblivion – My Reality, Pt. III
11. Numb (Linkin Park cover) (Bonus Track)

Meteora members:
Noémi Holló – lead vocals
Máté Fülöp – bass, harsh vocals & screams
Csaba Solymosi – guitars
Atilla Király – keyboards & clean vocals
Gábor Kása – drums

Meteora online:

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