FINNEGAN‘S HELL release video for album title track

Working and drinking – how do we prioritize?
Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class” is the title track of the new album by Swedish-Celtic folk rock extraordinaires Finnegan’s Hell. The album, released by Wild Kingdom Records, sheds light on how work is preventing people across the globe to drink as they themselves see fit.

See the video for “Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class” HERE:

– Oscar Wilde’s famous words “Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class” are just as relevant today as when he uttered them more than a hundred years ago. Still people all over the world find themselves in a situation where their work is interfering with their alcohol consumption. It’s the devil’s work, and we shall not silently accept it, says Reverend Mick Finnegan. 
Along with the new album Finnegan’s Hell is releasing a beer in co-operation with a Swedish brewery, and a video where documentary footage showing the working conditions of astronauts is used as an illustration of Oscar Wilde’s justified criticism of the side effects of modern-day work-life.  

When Finnegan’s Hell formed in 2010, the band made a vow to only sing about three things: life, death and alcohol. On their third album they still stay true to that concept. The single “Six Feet Under” actually deals with all three elements. The video for the song was directed by Swedish filmmaker Michael Ek, who got his inspiration from Jim Jarmusch’s zombie film “The Dead Don’t Die”. Both the video and the song should be seen as a metaphor for the next to impossible struggle trying to quit a lifelong bad habit.

Check out the video for “Six Feet Under Here”:

Pre-order the album HERE:

See Finnegan’s Hell live:

Apr 17 – Wild at Heart, Berlin, GERMANY
Apr 18 – Irish Night, Sägewerk, Neukirchen-Knüll, GERMANY
Jun 06 – Paddy Rock Festival, Hameln, GERMANY

Connect with Finnegan’s Hell:

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