ROTTING KINGDOM – A Deeper Shade of Sorrow

Godz Ov War Productions announce the release of Rotting Kingdom‘s highly anticipated debut album titled “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow“.

The album was recorded at Sneak Attack Studios, engineered by Jason Groves and mastered by the inimitable Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios, while the accompanying magnificent artwork was provided by Nightjar art of Adam Burke.

It will be immortalised on CD, MC, vinyl and apparel (with a vinyl version also available in the US on Boris Records), and you’ll be able to set your eyes on ”A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” as of March 13, 2020.

A double taste of what is to come can be found at:

1. Sculpted Into Life By the Hand of Death
2. Barren Harvest
3. Decrepit Elegance
4. Absolute Ruin
5. The Antechambers of Eternity
6. A Deeper Shade of Sorrow

(…) “A Deeper Shade of Sorrow” it’s a monolith of death-doom both churning with pissed-off energy and undulating slowly with a devilishly methodical burn. It feels neither entirely human nor machine, some kind of cyborgian blend of hard-hitting mechanical groove with flesh-and-bone riffage.” – Invisible Oranges

(…) Rotting Kingdom unveil some new breed of monstrous, deeply pained and twice-as-devastating approach to mixing the psychopathic carnage of death metal with the implacable pathos of doom.” – Decibel Magazine

Rotting Kingdom are:
Anton Escobar – Vocals
Clay Rice – Guitars
Kyle Keener – Guitars
Chuck McIntyre – Bass
Brandon Glancy – Drums

More info:

PUTRID – Antichrist Above

Godz Ov War Productions are proud to introduce to you the Chilean blasphemers – Putrid – and their absolutely devastating and crushing second full length act, “Antichrist Above“. The new album was recorded between December 2019 and January 2020 in the Putrid Bunker with Eco Estudio and produced by Camilo Uriarte. It features an appaling cover and parchment by Cinthya Valcarcel and the following ten tracks of bestial, brutal, savage and raging black/death metal.

Antichrist Above” to be released on 13 March 2020 as jewel case CD.  If you haven’t checked out the lyric video promoting the new album, “Warfare In Golgotha“, do it now:

01. Warfare In Golgotha
02. Antichrist Above
03. A Cursed From The Chalice
04. The Victory Of The Trident
05. The Corpse Of The Messiah
06. The Great Serpent Await Us
07. Three Nails Of Hate
08. Pig Of Liars
09. Rotting Kingdom
10. Morbid Prayers Of Death

Putrid are:
Evil Avatar – Blasphemies and Axes
Sacrificie – Four Scourge of Sadistik
Drum Mayor of War – Hammer of Doom

More info:

CONQUEST ICON – Empire of the Worm

From the oblivious and abyssous darkness shall the “Empire of the Worm” rise, and Godz Ov War Productions shall ally with Conquest Icon to spread the blasphemous, brutal and devastating metal of death in the purest of its forms! The album is scheduled for a release on 13 March 2020 as standard jewel case CD and in digital formats.

Drums and guitars recorded at JNS studio. Vocals recorded at NADstudio. Additional guitars and bass recorded at ABH. Mixed and mastered by Andy Blakk. Logo and artwork by Ihasan Art. Layout by Maciej Kamuda Art.

A taste lyric video accompanying the title track from the “Empire of the Worm” album: and the opening song entitled “Vermin“:

The tracklist reads as follows:
01. Vermin
02. Sacrifical Circle
03. Deathlike Shadows Rising
04. Unholy Death Metal
05. Empire of the Worm
06. Toward Darkness
07. Behold the Flames of Hell
08. Pilgrim of Doom
09. Crown the Beast
10. Here and Beyond

Conquest Icon are:
Ronve – Vocals
Andy Blakk – Guitars, Vocals
Major – Guitars
Blast! – Bass
Imp – Drums

More info:

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