SELFMADEGOD RECORDS proudly announces the signing of Polish band CZERŃ; debut album coming this Spring

CZERŃ from Warsaw, Poland has just signed a deal with SELFMADEGOD RECORDS to release their debut album this Spring. The album “Zgliszcza” includes five songs which testify to the journey of Czerń and to how the band’s vision of music has been evolving. Every song is different, although they are all equally permeated with aggression and darkness. Alongside slower riffs, which connote sludge, on the record one will find a lots of fast sounds, loaded with black metal venom and death metal relentlessness. The sound of “Zgliszcza” is augmented by the deep, harsh growl of Łukasz. The intros were composed by Michał Głowacki (So Slow, Latające Pięści). “Zgliszcza” is all about darkness, captured in strong and challenging music. It’s  the rigidity of hardcore, fuelled by balck metal strength and pure punk outlook on the world. For those who dig bands like Neurosis, Amenra, Inter Arma…

“Zgliszcza” CD will be released via Selfmadegod Records on April 17th 2020. Listen to “Widmo” which is the first single from upcoming album at the label’s Bandcamp here:

The band Czerń was formed in 2013 by Janek (guitar), Benek (bass), Darek (vocals) and Arek (drums). The music of Czerń derives from hard core, but since its inception the bands has been drawing on metal and sludge sounds, seeking to determine its unique style. The first release of Czerń was the cassette „Nie ze skały a ze strachu” (Not Off the Rock, but Out of Fear) – with the remixes by Marcin Łojek to be found on the B site of the cassette. The CD release of the material took place in 2014 with an independent label Nikt Nic nie Wie. Czerń began playing live shows then, performing predominantly at independent shows and working on the new material. Three new songs were later released on the vinyl split with the band Kaldera from Puławy. The video for the song Las (The Forest) was released at the end of 2014. At that time Czerń was joined by Grzegorz Napora (Kaldera, The Feral Trees, Dom Zły). In the next years, the band played a number of live acts (also as a support for Crowbar) and sought to develop a set of new music ideas. The new record took a long time to be composed, as the concept of the band developed. The evolution of Czerń brought a shift from sludge sound to black metal. As a group of four (without Grzegorz Napora), Czerń recently decided to record new material. With a new vocals from Łukasz Zając (Parricide) the band entered the studio Mustache Ministry in the summer of 2019 under Marcin Kliczak.

Nie ze skały, a ze strachu EP (2014)     
Kaldera / Czerń – Split (2014)    
Zgliszcza CD (Selfmadegod Records 2020)


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