SHODAN “Death, Rule Over Us” to be released on April by Deformeathing Productions

The release date of Shodan second full-length album is approaching. “Death, Rule Over Us” is going to be released by Deformeathing Production on 3rd April 2020.

The new effort is a stylistic evolution to a 2016′ debut towards complex and progressive song structures, incorporation of cold-wave elements to Shodan‘s music as long as organic approach to album production. Even though the band dares to experiment, it remains true to their death metal backbone. Mix and mastering were done by renowned producer Jakub Mańkowski (Entropia, Obscure Sphinx, Jordan Rudess). Cover art and layout is created by Łukasz Pach (Pachu design).

The first single “Fuel to Grandeur” is available to watch here:

1. Breslau
2. Fuel to Grandeur
3. Doomsday Melody
4. Ray of Darkness
5. Primordial Incest
6. I Have Crowned Myself
7. Death, Rule Over Us

Szczepan Inglot – guitar / vocal
Michał Jarosz – drums
Tomasz Sadlak – bass / vocal

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