Finnish metalcore punks SACRED DIMENSION release a new single ‘Stream of Moments’

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Sacred Dimension is a melodic metalcore band originally from the southernmost city of Finland. As a band they have played together for almost 10 years. Yet the band consists of five guys only in their late twenties. With two guitars, drums, bass and the not so commonly seen keytar, the instrumental setup is ideal for playing cool melodic songs with catchy breakdowns, awesome guitar solos and some experimental twists and turns. A recipe that will surely be well received by the crowd on live gigs as well as by any metalhead abroad. The vocals are delivered by three different singers making the songs pleasant cocktails of scream, growl and clean singing. Sacred Dimension is a pack of talented and somewhat quirky friends dedicated to composing cool songs and delivering awesome live gigs.

Stream of Moments‘ is a song that we hope will inspire people to think about lifes timeline. So, go for it and live life to the fullest!

Sebastian Lindström – Keytar, Vocals
Sebastian Wickman – Guitar, Vocals 
Tony Helander – Bass, Vocals
Oscar Cavonius – Drums

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