Post-Black Metal Trio AODON Streaming Forthcoming Willowtip Debut Album

Invisible Oranges has premiered 11069, the forthcoming sophomore album from French post-black metal trio Aodon. Stream the album at the following location:
Aodon will release 11069 March 27 on Wilowtip Records. The album will be available on CD digipak, vinyl LP, and digital formats.
Multi-instrumentalist/composer M-kha has taken Aodon to new heights with 11069.The follow-up to 2016 debut album Sharphood is the full realization of the Aodon sound: Dark, Atmospheric, and Extreme!
Pre-order 11069
While this isn’t the straightforward black metal of years past, it’s not a pastoral shoegazing exploration either: Aodon has retained the serrated intensity of the genre’s origins. 11069 pushes the structure of black metal past its usual conventions, but the meat and potatoes are here and doled out plentifully through the expedition.”
– Invisible Oranges
The music here, which is richly textured, seamlessly combines black metal with elements of post-metal, creating immersive and emotionally evocative atmospheric sensations with harrowing intensity, blending mesmerizing melodies capable of both inducing uneasy reveries and soaring to epic heights while also channeling fury and despair with spine-tingling power.”
– No Clean Singing
Although 11069 doesn’t have a shortage in the Atmospheric department, they are quite a bit more vicious that most bands of this subgenre. Despite how abrasive it can be on the surface, dig a little deeper and you will find a very rich album that demands multiple listens.”
– Metal Temple
It’s well presented, it’s intelligent and it’s emotional. It’s one of the most sophisticated atmospheric black metal records I’ve ever heard.” (9.5/10)
– Noob Heavy
The songs are not just a blizted out blur of heavy. There is thought and dynamics put into them.” (9/10)
– Abysmal Hymns
This album touches all the points that I’m looking for as a fan of music. It’s brutal as hell, but it’s as equally melodic. It never stops being angry, but there’s an overt, while gentle, tug at the heart strings.” (A+)
– Glacially Musical
Track Listing
1. Les Rayons
2. L’œuvre 
3. L’écho
4. L’infime
5. L’instinct
6. L’énergie
7. L’illusion 
8. Le parfum des pluies 
Album Credits
Artwork By Ludovic Robin
Mixed and mastered by Vamacara Studio (Clisson, France)

M-kha : Music composer, Lead guitar, screams and drums
Laurent C. : Rhythm guitar, choirs 
Alix R. : Bass, Lyrics 

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