Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres track of crust/grind marauders MEDIUM

Argentinian grind/crust/punk/death metal band Medium have definitely made a mark with their scintillating self-titled debut. Thanks to the kind folks at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, the band received more acclaim via their exclusive premiere for the song Gargola AT THIS LINK.

“filled with enough crusty, death-grinding filth to keep even the most militant of metalheads satisfied. “Gargola” delivers a hefty dose of what the band do best, and is essential listening for any fans of the above sounds, but with a welcome twist”

– “ripper” – Decibel Magazine (US)

– “unconventional and brilliant” – The Metal Wanderlust (US) 5/5

– “one of the releases of the idiom that stand out so far this year” – Rocking (Greece)

– “essential listening” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)

– “thoroughly thrilling” –No Clean Singing (US)

– “driven and purposeful” – Invisible Oranges (US)

– “a gem” – The Sludgelord (UK)

– “a truly fantastic record” – Cadaver Garden (US)

– “a great album” – Slovak Metal Army (Slovakia) 10/10

– “ignites like black powder” – Stormbringer (Austria) 9/10

– “will demolish everything in its path!” – Soil Chronicles (France) 8/10

– “a snarling beast” – The Razor’s Edge (UK)

– “strong stuff” – Metalhead (Italy) 8/10

– “they are excellent” – Zephyr’s Odem (Germany)

– “Great stuff” – Wake the Dead Media (UK)

– “full of freshness” –Broken Tomb (Spain)

– “upbeat, menacining energy” – Metal Has No Borders (US)

– “obliterating destruction” – Moshpit Nation

– “enthralling and adrenaline-fueled work” – All Round Metal (Italy)

– “quite daring in terms of own ideas and originality” – Dioses Del Metal

– “definitely leaves a mark” – Ave Noctum (UK)

– “an enjoyable release” – Scumfeast (US)

Medium (Argentina) – Self Titled (March 6th, 2020)

Genre – Grind/Crust/Death Metal
Release Date – March 6th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – Martyrdöd, Skitsystem, Henry Kane, Disfear, Napalm Death, early Extreme Noise Terror, Rotten Sound

Rage-fuelled adrenaline junkies Medium give us their own fresh take on the grind/crust style with their self-titled debut. Their approach is not very conventional; there’s something unique in the way they blend the best qualities of genres like grind, crust, punk and even death metal and hardcore to make music that’s virtually unforgettable. There’s palpable energy coursing through the entire album, with each song showcasing a slightly different dimension of the band’s own sound. The dark and emotive undercurrent lends to the music a human quality that is not rooted only in aggression like most others in the style; streaks of melodies shimmer through the chaotic blasting parts and leave an indelible effect on you. This is some of the best, honest-to-goodness grind/crust music that you’ll come across in this era, and the most commendable part of it all is that this is from a band from Argentina trying their best to make a mark – the talent is undeniable but the effort and intent is exceptional. 

Band lineup –
Lucien – Vocals/Bass
Rama – Drums
Fede – Guitar
Seba – Guitar

Artwork by Enzo Robles
Layout by Turkka Rantanen

Track listing –
1. Skullcomet Sorcery 
2. Maximum Rampage 
3. El Gigante 
4. Black Future Patrol 
5. Gargola 
6. Night Vision 
7. Radiation Huntress

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Medium Facebook

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